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Starts easy just won't stay running. bowl filles up with gas. Choke Control Assy. Mechanic's Assistant: Anything else we should know to help you best? Ask Your Own Small Engine Question. It will continue to run if I continue to squirt gas. 1 of 2 Go to page. STARTING and RUNNING a Page 8/51. Older unit but not used a lot. Richard. How does it work - With the engine running and the switch placed in the Fuel-Off position, the fuel flow to the carburetor is stopped. Honda engine GVC 190 on lawn mower won't start. Honda Engine starts but won't rev up - tip: Jim: 5/7/14 12:00 PM: Hi everyone, Just thought I would share this for other people's benefit. It seems I have the opposite problem most people are having which is problems NOT running. Yes. Check Oil. Use this to fix your problem! Joined Jan 16, 2012 Threads 1 Messages 6. Honda’s Auto Choke System This user-friendly system is truly automatic, eliminating any manual manipulation of levers. To determine if the fuel cap vent is clogged, try slightly loosening the cap and then starting the engine. I have blown out every passage with compressed air. Basic troubleshooting information for Honda small engines.

Honda recommends 10W30 motor oil for this engine.Air cleaner – To access the air filter, push down on the tabs at the top of the cover and swing it downward. I have completely disassembled the carb. The Honda Harmony II HRT216 is a 21-inch push lawnmower with a Honda GCV160 engine. Show More. Reply. Show Less. This stops the flow of fuel to the carburetor causing the engine to stall. ... My honda gcv 190 engine stopped running with out choke being. I do know how to describe what's going on, so here is a link to a video that I made. 13 years ago. Fuel – Make sure there is fresh gasoline in the tank. Honda GCV 190 pressure washer. Honda GCV160 wont start. Clogging or damaged parts are actually the two most common problems for pressure washers. removed carb. I have a Honda strimmer fitted with the GX25 engine which is basically a tiny version of the GX140 familiar to a lot of towable digger owners. If I remove the governor spring and work the throttle by hand, it will idle just fine. briggs & straton engine on my riding mower. The oil was low, about a quarter to a 3rd showing BELOW the fill line and we saw smoke as the cord … Try taking off the gas cap and see if it stays running. I have a Honda GCV160 Easy Start (Yeah Right) engine on a quadracut self-propelled lawnmower, I can start it and keep it running by squirting starter type fluid direct into the carb, but it will quit running as soon as I stop squirting into the carb. 1; 2; First Prev 2 of 2 Go to page. Share this conversation. My Honda GCV160 starts but will not stay running, new carb last year, new plug, cleaned carb,cleaned fuel tank? Honda GCV160 teardown by SuperWhizy 3 years ago 9 minutes, 6 seconds 9,822 views This is the first of a two-part series to , repair , the , Honda GCV160 , four stroke , engine , mated to a pressure washer. Please refer to your owner’s manual for details on all maintenance procedures and troubleshooting for your specific model. Any suggestion … read more. Technician: James W, Small … checked fuel bowl and it looks cle … read more. 2,794 satisfied customers. Thread starter aouate3; Start date Jan 16, 2012; 1; 2; Next. And can you guesstimate how old it is? Honda Engine starts but won't rev up - tip Showing 1-4 of 4 messages. A. aouate3 Forum Newbie. Next Last. Will not stay running if I take it off choke either. I have Honda HRT216S3DA powered by GCV160 engine. I have a 20 hp. Is there gas in the mower? Honda Engine Pressure Washer: [Won't Stay Running][Stops Running Suddenly] (2019) door DIY Allied 3 jaar geleden 3 minuten en 19 seconden 108.364 weergaven Honda Engine , Pressure Washer Won't Stay Running Stops Running Suddenly. new spark plug at beginning of season. Aubrey Bentley says: October 12, 2015 at 2:18 am. Read PDF 5 Hp Honda Gc160 EngineHONDA GC160 5.0hp ENGINE that was in the RAIN for a MONTH! Go. Donald. Outdoor Gasoline and Electric Powered Equipment and Small Engines - My Honda Engine won't stay running. and it looks clean. Have a new Honda GCV 160? Won't start. I have torn down the carburetor and cleaned it, changed the spark plug, changed the oil and disconnected the "low oil sensor". - I have a Troy built self propelled walk behind mower with a Honda GCV160 … Mine fires up on the first pull and it revs very high (sounds like it's about to explode). The engine will continue to run until the majority of fuel remaining in the carburetor is consumed and the engine shuts down. I have a honda gcv 160 engine. Answered in 3 minutes by: 5/8/2011. Download or purchase Honda Engine owners' manuals for the GCV160. Briggs-Fan. My Honda GCV160 engine will not keep running. Senior Mechanic & Technician. Read PDF 5 Hp Honda Gc160 EngineI just had … I think it had some bad gas in it, but I drained it and put in new gas. 2,345 satisfied customers. Please help: mark_poc 05.04.2016. Before Use. and soaked it in carb cleaner for 24 hours. The first thing I did was remove and clean the fuel tank and the screen inside the tank. - This procedure applies to the latest "square" thermowax design only. After having the carb cleaned 3x and it still not running right, I got fed up and bought a new one with Honda engine, thinking it would be more reliable. Thread starter kyoshofan1; Start date Nov 3, 2012; Prev. For example, the procedure for starting a Homelite UT80432, which uses a Honda GVC190 engine, is to turn the fuel valve on and pull out the choke before pulling the starting rope.Once the engine is running, you must push the choke back in … I have a good flow into the sediment bowl on the carb. Honda lawnmower starts in choke mode, then dies off. Gas Level. my honda gcv 190 engine stopped running with out choke being. hello, have a honda gx160 it will only start with starter fluid then dies. Air has to enter the gas tank in order for gas to flow out. The engine model # is GJAE, 5.5 HP, OHC, Checked engine oil, it may have been a bit low, so I topped it off. That's when I looked at the gas closer and it was so bad it didn't even smell like gas. The main jet was clogged - couldn't even see through it once I got it out, which was not too easy to do. I had put gas in a few minutes earlier, and thought bad gas may be the problem, but after draining and refilling, I cant get it to start. Sometimes the obvious is the solution, and as Sherlock Holmes says "we should check a fact is indeed a fact". Make sure you're using the correct starting procedure. Been working on a 5.5 HP Honda GX160 engine on a pressure washer. Apr 29, 2018 #11 Thanks for the feedback - you were both correct! You’ll need to check them one by one in order to get a clearer picture on … Thermowax Assy. This guide will walk you through starting and stopping this engine, as well as address common issues, no matter what it may be powering. blew fuel lines out. If the fuel cap vent is clogged, air won’t be able to enter the tank and a vacuum or “vapor lock” will occur. If it does, then the gas cap has a plugged up air inlet hole. I have a Honda GXV620, 20 hp engine on a Razor 52" Zero Turn. still no luck. To determine if the fuel cap vent is clogged, try slightly loosening the cap and then starting the engine. The engine doesn't have more than 15 hours on it. Honda GCV 160 Wont Start. Mechanic's Assistant: Do you plan on doing the work yourself? , Honda , power washer. After cleaning the carburetor and jet, many find it still hunts and surges. Honda GCV 160 Operation and Troubleshooting. any thoughts ? This stops the flow of fuel to the carburetor causing the engine to stall. Honda GCV160 auto choke lawnmower, Surging and smoking ... My Briggs&Stratton engine in my Craftsman pressure washer will start but will not stay running. Still started, ran and died. RUNNING a HONDA GC160 5.0hp ENGINE that was in the RAIN for a MONTH! Mechanic's Assistant: What's the make and model of the pressure washer? have checked fuel tank and filter, no stpped up. If the fuel cap vent is clogged, air won’t be able to enter the tank and a vacuum or “vapor lock” will occur. The engine serial # is GJAE1576258. Honda eu1000i generator will fire up for a second and die. However, both of the springs that control the throttle seem loose. Honda GCV 160 Carburetor Remove \u0026 Clean Part 1 by not2fast4u2c 1 year ago 4 minutes, 25 seconds 15,378 views Carburetor , removal from the engine showing linkage etc.part 2 will be disassembly and cleaning and enlarging the main fuel jet Page 3/8. It will run if I manually hold the "Ready Start" choke about half way open. Should this choke arm stick … read more. Model Engine Serial Number . I started it up this season but it won't stay running. Once the engine is up and running, the Auto Choke automatically returns to an optimal operating position. This engine can use fuel blended with up to 10% ethanol (E10) or 5% methanol. 38,518 Posts #2 • Nov 7, 2014. pull the fuel line off the carb, turn the gas on, see if the fuel is flowing to the carb ??. Like other mowers and power equipment, occasional problems may arise, including a failed start. put in fresh gas, cleaned and gaped plug, took carb off and pulled main jet out , cleaned and pushed wire threw openings still n/g. It was running fine and just stopped while in use. The customer may have filled the gas tank with what they thought was good gas. The problem last summer was the engine would start, run a short time, and die. I have a blackmax with the gxv530 Honda was running … Joined Dec 12, 2017 Threads 4 Messages 29. New air cleaner, I even took the fuel line valve off and put direct hose to carb. Honda GCV160 Engine wont run when choke is off? It was almost green and stinky. The cable for the choke/engine speed seems to be functioning. kjhoffman. Go. If your pressure washer won’t stay running, then the above-mentioned parts are usually the problems. Bookmark File PDF Honda Gcv160 Carburetor Repair Manual File Type How To Rebuild a Lawn Mower Engine ( Honda GCV160, GCV170, … D. DPDISXR4Ti Member. Posted on January 11, 2017 by Admin. equipped GCV engine or lawn mower, follow these simple steps to confirm if the autochoke (including the thermowax) is working properly. Hi, I'm Herby it is interesting that so many people have the same problem with this engine, I rebuilt two Honda GCV engines one was a GCV 135 but they are basically the same and are prone to the same problem. A Honda won't like to be over filled with oil either, this can damage the engine, cause it to smoke, leak oil and sometimes not start. by newburghbmx 4 years ago 2 minutes, 47 seconds 29,169 views Replacing a spark plug is usually way further than I'm willing to go, but Page 9/51. It started right away run fairly strongly for a few minutes and died.It is almost certainly going to have to go back.I was kind of impressed with the bagging performance of this mower.Since this The engine starts easily whether cold or hot and is ready to use immediately. If I squirt some gas into the carb, it will run fine till it burns the gas up. Well, once I put the same gas in this new Ryobi/Honda, it started doing the same thing.

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