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:) Can I, like, somehow separate Voryn Dagoth and Sharmat within Dagoth Ur but still consider them a unit, one creature? We have this line from Nerevar at Red Mountain: House Dagoth had discovered the source of the profane and secret power of the Dwemer: the legendary Heart of Lorkhan, which Dumac’s people had used to make themselves immortal and beyond the measure of the gods. The heart cannot exist without Nirn, and Nirn cannot exist without the heart. If Vivec was a place-keeper of Hortator, did he make Nerevarine a real Hortator by giving him the Wraithguard? I definitely recall something compiling the differing views of the battle, though I can't remember where it was. Hortator is an ancient Dunmeri position which is essentially a "Commander-in-Chief" for the unified milit. Today we’re asking, what is the Sharmat? -It is very likely. -Eventually, yes. This is made it’s most explicit in Sermon 11 of the 36 Lessons, which says: “Hortator and Sharmat, one and one, eleven, an inelegant number. His goal is to be at the center, to be at everything. “First Blighter” is harder to explain away, though. This suggests that the Dwemer were already using the Heart of Lorkhan, which leaves them open to being influenced by the Heart in some way before their disappearance. Or is it only a specific name for Dagoth Ur (and, accordingly, Nerevar)? I’m not sure I entirely buy this, although he was looking back to pre-Tribunal Resdayn for inspiration, as well as moving the Blight into all of Tamriel. Also, is that because of his (Sharmat's) fourth walking way? In an argument about duality, his goals on their own are irrelevant. What was his main argument? The Sharmat is not your shadow; you are twin reflections in an ever-rippling pool. I stumbled upon this thread today, and I would like to say that I enjoy seeing fans questioning, analyzing, and discussing Morrowind Lore in April of 2011!!! I imagine the Sharmat/Hortator link had about as definitive answers as you're gonna find without the devs giving some sort of dictionary definition. "Hortator and Sharmat, one and one, eleven, an inelegant number. Playmoss uses cookies. Or is it only a specific name for Dagoth Ur (and, accordingly, Nerevar)? These are my questions: 1) Am I right when I say that Sharmat’s goal is stasis? Also, Lorkhan's Heart plays one of the most important roles in all of Elder Scrolls Lore. And when the world shall listen, and when the world shall see, and when the world remembers, that world will cease to be.”. I should, again, let you know, that he considers game (Morrowind particularly) fundamental, and I consider lore fundamental. I can and that is why you will need me.”. It is important to understand that the 36 Lessons of Vivec, although containing some divine truths, are mostly a literary propaganda device used by the Tribunal to further strengthen faith in their new religion, ALMSIVI. Does that make him the first Sharmat? - Within the context of the Elder Scrolls Universe, it is important to realize that it is bound by a different set of Physical Laws than our very own. The bigger picture involves Azura and the Tribunal. The beginning of this thought is from Sermon 11, where it says this: ‘”There is no true symbolism of the center. The Selectives Lorecast episode on Dagoth Ur, document outlining Dagoth Ur’s suspected plans. Rather think of it as a debate and aim to make your position and arguments clear to the crowd. However, it’s not quite the same thing as the  I might go as far as to say that the Sharmat is the devil figure of the Dunmer people, in various guises. They are not untouchable, supernatural beings, but are, in fact, very physical beings from which the physical laws of the Elder Scrolls Universe are anchored around (spokes within a wheel within a wheel theory). Am I right or not? Which of the ones is the more important? However, it’s possible that they are not. Like the Light and the Dark, the pattern of the Hortator and Sharmat sets up two elements in opposition, but I'm not sure where to place the Tribunal in this pattern, but on the mythic scale they were no obstacle. Is it a mirror of the void or not? Lyrics by Drago Vocals & Composition By Sharm Luhn-silvar, hortator, Azura'm gah'amer, Panthi-seht, sharmat-dra, ouabihn biridar, Osuhn almese sut ohm yalif sul devahr, Nerevar, Nerevar. What to do with it? Wow. Am I right when I say that Vivec ‘kept’ or ‘held’ the place of Hortator before the last Nerevarine came to Vvardenfell to equal the Number of Master? Yeah, too many questions… Sorry. Today on Written in Uncertainty we’re talking about an enemy of the Chimer and Dunmer people, who has stalked throughout their history, haunted their dreams, and threatens to remake not just Morrowind, but also the entire Aurbis from the inside out. That is undoubtedly a good thing. For the next question, we’ll be looking at why the notion of an empire of Tamriel is so persistent, and why it’s so important to everyone, even when it might well not be. This is why Mephala has black hands. :). … Everywhere and everywhen. Before saying what I want to say, I should warn you — my English is somewhat you call sick. One final note, possibly linked to that idea, is that you’ll often see Dagoth Ur and the Sharmat referred to as an Anuic bad guy. This is driven home a little further by Sermon 36, which gives Kagrenac the title of “the Blighter”. She says that Dagoth Ur is “dead, but he dreams he lives”. Am I right when I say that stasis is a state with no changes in a physic sense? So while the Heart was the thing ultimately used by Dagoth Ur to spread the Blight, Kagrenac was a Blighter because he contaminated the Heart of the World using the Tools. This inverts I AM AND I ARE ALL WE understanding of CHIM, where the understanding of a shared being is a core part of it, and changes it to I AM AND YOU ARE ALL ME. See more. "Vivec's sermons, sermon № 29 Nerevar Indoril(left) and Voryn Dagoth "Наставник и Шармат, один и один, одиннадцать, неизящное число. So. Or what is it then? First, I want to think about where else we’ve seen this sort of thing. Is it a mirror of the void or not? Here do you toil, that you might remember. That the Rebel will defeat the King, but we do not know who the Rebel and King are until the Observer decides which is which.

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