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Looks like they only have that one model that is spaced far from the wall and therefore can’t fold inwards compactly like some others. A power rack encloses the bar on both sides and has safety bars. It’s definitely nice to have a power rack if you’ve got the space. FREE Shipping. Product Features. You’re stuck with it as sort of a really big power rack with no safety bars, but a pull up bar that can be mounted nice and high. var max = 40; Start bench pressing, doing squats, dips, and other creative exercises within minutes after installing the rack to your wall (concrete or wood). Rogue’s shipping is higher than PRX. I’ve been looking at the RML-90SLIM rack a bit. That was smart of them to do this, while Fringe and Titan insist on having a unique size and only hurting themselves. Titan’s racks are all 48″ outside width, meaning the 2×3 rack gives you 2″ of extra space inside than the 3×3. This compares to the R-3W with 2″x3″ steel. Investor Kevin O’Leary was convinced to buy into 20% of the company. Titan’s X-3 series is much like the T-3 but with some notable differences. The left side’s vertical post is now maybe 1-2″ from the right side’s hinge point, and normally the inner aspect of the right side would lay (nearly) flat to the wall, if the left side that you just finished folding in weren’t already in the way. I don’t remember if the T3 or the stringers had the bolts needed but one or the other has them. Rogue’s R-series attachments will be slightly large but will fit. Thanks. I’ll sum up the pros and cons of each one. The safety bars on each side of the rack make it possible to … will get in the For kipping pull ups, you probably want the 41″ deep, as 24″ is about the minimum depth you want for enough margin for sloppy form. The 40.5″ deep doesn’t fold in neatly to the wall and will overlap unless you fold them one in and one out, which takes up more wall space. 61 Specifications: - Rackable Capacity: 1,650 LB I also bought two longer standard 3/4 bolts from home depot for 27c each to make it easier to install. Sorry Tom, just saw this! I don’t think it’ll be a mere 8″ from the wall. Titan cuts corners with design to lower the price. What are your thoughts on this rack? It can be installed either in a garage or in a room of your home. Yeah I imagine something interesting has happened with that a few times and just hasn’t been caught on video yet, other than the Prx rack test. Great article. 4.4 out of 5 stars 1,004. Perfectly design a home gym specific to your space with the, Profile® PRO Squat Rack with Multi-Grip Bar, Profile® PRO Squat Rack with Kipping Bar™, Profile® Squat Rack with Kipping Bar™ (As seen on ABC's Shark Tank! He has steel stringers (which Titan used to sell and maybe will again) lag screwed to the studs. A simple hinge and Anyway, those are my thoughts! So does Pure Strength slim gym. A Non-Folding Alternative, and Space Considerations, RML-3WC Monster Lite series wall mounted squat rack, https://www.tworepcave.com/3006/power-rack-attachments-compatibility-master-list/#comment-8606, https://www.coloradostrengthequipment.com/products/rex-series-folding-rack?variant=31133406462083, https://www.tworepcave.com/3006/power-rack-attachments-compatibility-master-list/, Power Rack Attachments & Compatibility – 2020 Master List, Made-in-the-USA Gym Equipment – 2020 Master List, 2020 Folding Wall-Mounted Squat Racks Comparison, Garage Gym Chatter: J-Cups Flaw and Technique May Not Matter, Has there been an update? For that matter, they’re lower priced than everyone here, except of course Titan. https://www.roguecanada.ca/rogue-rml-3w-fold-back-wall-mount-rack UPDATE I’ll have to update this with the Rogue color versions, and a bit about the width issues. Folding MechanismTo fold it away, you first remove the 2 pins above and pull off the pull up bar. Many dip attachments are pretty universal in that way. var minQty = 1; The folding squat rack is perfect for messy garages and multi-use spaces. David i have a question on the Titan rack. The folding racks are surprisingly hard to navigate to on Rogue’s site menu. The only one I can think of offhand that is designed to fit into a tight space like this is the BodyCraft F320, the way the seat slides back as the backrest inclines. While this may look like other horizontal folding racks on the market, we've made various improvements and still hold the original patent for wall-mounted folding racks. The BRONSON PR031 folding power rack is ideal for a home gym with limited space. Our patented squat racks easily fold up against your wall and take up only 4 inches of wall space when not in use. Titan used to have a stringer option (see the explanation about Rogue’s stringers further above), Rogue’s stringers do not fit the Titan T-3 folding rack perfectly but can be made to fit if you’re okay with it attaching imperfectly at an angle (thanks, Johnny Wild!). Thank you for the very informative site! I have ordered the stringers (not here yet) and can’t get a detailed view on how the Titan rack would mount to them. PEXMOR Multi-Function Barbell Rack Squat Stand with Barbell Plate Rack, Adjustable Dip Stand Weight Lifting Bench Press Rack Home Gym Fitness, Max Load 500lb 4.2 out of 5 stars 72 $138.99 $ 138 . Good stuff! It’ll seem a little off, but tightens up right. In use as a squat stand, pull-up rig, or power rack, the feel is miles beyond lighter fold-back setups that use thinner steel. Copyright 2007-2020 Two Rep Cave. In the past, your best option for space efficiency was to get a pair of portable squat stands. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of a power rack. Build your gym. As a garage or basement squat rack, bare concrete can be just fine, depending on what else you have going on with your gym. Those are the only differences between the two Rogue sizes. Quality never goes out of style. Like the Titan and Fringe models, be conscious of what height you’re installing the top horizontal tubing against the uprights, because it will get in the way of your desired pull up bar height if you aren’t careful. Fast Shipping. Wood can flex and give a little. I have the Vulcan adjustable bench and it works perfect. Sometimes companies have a new revision after it’s been out of stock for months. Got the T-3 rack set up with Rogue stringers, but since Titan is a 50″ width and Rogue is a 48″ standard, the Titan pull up bar does not quite fit. Browse by Topic For movements like kipping or butterfly pull ups, muscle ups, or toes-to-bar, you want the 41.5″ deep. $306.95 $ 306. But for best stability when unfolded, that same hinge point would probably benefit from having something on the opposite side of the tubing (something which is solidly secured to the stringer) that you could drop a pin into, once unfolded. This is the rack that started it all! I’m glad it answered your questions! Rogue’s Infinity Matador dip attachment will fit their 2″x3″ rack above. BRONSON FOLD BACK WALL MOUNT RACK PR031. Price. Actually, unless the corner of the door was rounded off, you’d hear a ‘crunch’ the first time you went to open the door. min = Math.ceil(min); As seen on ABC's Shark Tank, our Profile and Profile PRO 11-gauge steel folding squat racks are made in the USA and built to fit fitness into your busy life. Pull Up Bar: The pull up bar can adjust from 70″-88″ from the floor (5’10” – 7’4″). The Best Diy Folding Squat Rack - Best DIY Ideas and Craft Collections says: December 10, 2019 at 7:57 am Best DIY Folding Squat Rack from 9 DIY Squat Rack Ideas For Your Home Gym. For most of us that’s not really an issue, as we don’t need to save space that high. Even then, no guarantee the screws won’t still rip out. The patented wall-mounted Profile® Folding Squat Rack is a sturdy and sleek way to start building your own garage or home gym. I’ll have to add a note about this. Folding MechanismUnique gas shock system that makes it effortless to pull out and fold back, with locking pins to make it child-proof. They can wobble a little under loads. The main caveat with these is they are not foldable and they’re really deep (6ft!). No need to go to the lumber store and pick up and cut some 2×6 boards to use as backplates. The closer you have the barbell to the uprights, and not far out like I have in the diagram, the more the support leg takes the force and the less the wall attachment point does. A traditional power rack, or even an open-ended squat rack, takes up a painful amount of space. A few months ago they assured me it isn’t discontinued, but here we are. The main issue with the ~21″ deep racks is they might restrict the exercises you can do. Attachment optionsBeing as this is an R-series rack, Rogue’s Infinity attachments will fit this rack. Spotter Arms. Was: Previous Price C $265.72 6% off. PriceGreat price, especially for what you get. The Strongman's choice. Some appropriate ones would be the landmine base, rope anchor, and many more. (If the doors in your home had a hinge point going through the middle of the door, you’d hear a ‘crunch’ anytime you opened a door more than 90º. I bet it’s never zero! Since this was designed to be user friendly, you can easily … The 20.5″ gives you enough room for squats, bench presses, and most any other racks exercises, giving enough room for your feet, head, and bench, as appropriate. If it were possible to easily dislocate/disassemble the right side’s hinge point, then yes, you’d be able to lay the right side flat against/overtop of the left side, for the estimated net distance from the wall of 8″. New Listing Brand New ETHOS Folding Wall Rack (Commercial Quality) QUICK SHIPPING. +$ 211.00 In stock. If you try to move the blocks out of the way as much as possible then it gets dicey. I hear you! Thanks! It will feel more solid than a folding rack because it has no moving parts. Murphy Rack. Hey, bro. The X-3 comes with two pairs of J-cups rather than one, and they are UHMW-lined unlike the bare steel J-cups included with the T-3. The Profile® series has our flagship product, the Profile® Squat Rack with Kipping Bar. Rep’s rack is fully compatible with the Rogue Monster Lite attachments, opening up Rogue’s large assortment of attachments, which they are always adding to, as possibilities for you down the line. var range=”; So is the “sold in the last 24 hours” thing: timber.flashSoldBar = function () { With the PRX, it takes 10 seconds and no need to take off the pull up bars or the J-cups. They have other marks on the uprights to help you put the two bar catches at the same height and not have to eyeball it too hard. So many of us are short on space in our garage, back room, or basement. It’ll be right around the range of maybe fitting, maybe not. If you’ll be putting in rubber flooring, be sure to get that in before you install this. Keep in mind the kipping bar does not fold back itself, so it’s going to be sticking out 12″ from the wall as you fold the rack in. First thoughts…Titan has a better folding design for the 41.5 vs Rogues 40.5. (They do offer a couple of flying pull-up bars, but those designs are a) permanent, not removable, and b) would add far too much height to be able to fit in my garage with a 100″ high ceiling. It says above that the Rogue Stringers work for the Titan T3 but I’m wondering how that is possible if the T3 is wider than the Rogue racks? I saw Rogue’s warning on the spotter arms. HulkFit Multi-Function Adjustable Power Rack Exercise Squat Stand with J-Hooks and Other Accessories, Multiple Versions. One alternative approach I’ve considered is to get a pull-up bar attachment which adds some distance from the wall, something which supplements or replaces the existing pull-up bar of this rig. You start to fold in the right side, at which point the horizontal (41.5″) tubing will start to impinge upon the now-folded-in left side’s vertical post. That would make it not possible to mount the pull up bar to hold it in place. They don’t have the volume or the marketing leverage to be able to price a comparable product low and turn a profit. The overall design is very much like the Rogue RML-3WC. Have the best of both worlds with this folding power rack. I am going to pull the trigger on the Rogue one but do have a question. Then pull 4 pins from the rack hinges and fold both arms against the wall. Width: 49″ wide, the maximum width you want for a rack. Yea, thats why im leaning toward it. Now you’ve got something closer in design to how the doors in your home work, ie, when you fold the right side inwards over the left side, it would create a bit more room near the apex of the angle. It’s just a random number generator with some parameters to keep it within a certain range: timber.visitorCounter = function () { As seen on ABC's Shark Tank, our Profile and Profile PRO 11-gauge steel folding squat racks are made in the USA and built to fit fitness into your busy life. No guessing about where to drill holes, and then having a disaster when you drilled a hole 1/4″ off. Anyway, it looks great with an orange bar and functionally much better than 50” width. The “28 of 30 Sold” seems to be hard-coded on the page, not actually variables pulling from anywhere else. Shop By . The shared features among most of these racks are: This basic idea was pioneered by PRx Performance in 2014, and backed by “Shark Tank” businessman and investor Kevin O’Leary in 2016. Turn your garage into a training battleground. And Texas Strength Systems has a really nice competition style squat stand that can break down for more room. I had this setup for about a year, worked great. I don’t know anything about the quality of their products, and sometimes the details can make a big difference in how everything fits together and moves as expected. They’ve had these for much longer. PRx Performance Murphy Rack Fold Up Squat Rack with Extended Pull Up Bar, Wall Mounted Space Saving Gym Equipment. How flat? The R-3W Fold Back Rack features a pair of 2x3" 11 gauge steel uprights, Westside hole spacing through the bench/rack pull zone, and 2"-on-center spacing above and below. But I digress.). Godzillla’s Folding Rack functions as a power rack weightlifting rack, squat rack, squat stand, power cage and pull up/chin up station for weightlifting, powerlifting, cross training and more. Pull Up Bar: They put on an unusually thick 1.5″ pull up bar (most people prefer 1.25″). Once you include shipping, the prices are almost identical for the Rogue RML-3W Fold Back Wall Mount Rack vs the PRX Profile with Pull up Bar. Hmm, something isn’t right, mine folds completely flat and i can use the original pull up bar. C $98.84. https://www.tworepcave.com/3006/power-rack-attachments-compatibility-master-list/. How does the T-3 rack connect to the Rogue stringers hardware wise? You can use your titan pull up bar. Folding Adjustable Bench & Squat Rack Dumbbell Weight Bench Barbell Lifting US. Pretty flat: PR-4100 can be folded inwards (or outwards). I’m tall so I require a higher kipping bar. I think one allowed an 18″ and no one recommended 24″. The qualityRogue’s quality is the highest and most consistent. $749.00 $ 749. Rogue has 4 pins that you need to put in to lock and take it off to unlock. Laser-cut numbers, starting from the bottom of the bench press area and going all the way up. If you visualize it, the sides will overlap, so maybe 8″ or so from the wall? If you're tight on space in your garage gym the folding rack is your ideal solution! Either way works, depending where you want to save the most room when folding it. Rogue basically offers so many of the best features of these racks that it’s an easy choice. If you like working with wood, this might be a non-issue for you. Just like a Murphy Bed, this wall-mounted Murphy Squat Rack with Pull-Up Bar gets tucked away when not in use. As seen on ABC's Shark Tank, the patented Profile® Rack is built in the USA with 2x3" 11-gauge steel and a black powder coated finish. The Titan rack doesn’t fold completely flat in the Rogue stringers, but close enough and worth it for ease of installation. The only thing they really missed is the stringer option. (I feel like I’m trying to reengineer the design here. Build your home gym with the revolutionizing Profile® and Profile® PRO Racks by PRx Performance. MORE: View All Products; SRC Force Squat Stand Assembly; SRC Force Commercial Rack Assembly; Wall-Mounted Pull-up Assembly; SRC Force Weight Tree Assembly Instructions; SRC Vitality Power Rack (82") Assembly ; Barbell … You stated that the Rouge RML is “40.5″ deep doesn’t fold in neatly to the wall and will overlap unless you fold them one in and one out, which takes up more wall space.”. Easily worth the $50 in cost and time. When stowed away, the Folding Wall Mount Squat Rack takes up less than 5” of space from the wall, meaning you can have a world class power rack in your garage without having to park your car on the street at night. Sturdy spotter arms that attach firmly to uprights to stop a falling bar from landing on the user or the ground $ 214.00 In stock. Michael, that is correct, the Rogue attachments won’t fit. I like the 47” width for reracking the bar. Or basically those Matadors will fit any other 2″x3″ or 3″x3″ rack with 1″ holes. All rights reserved. The J-cups on the 3″x3″ are of course 1″ wider to fit. Read on or skip to my final recommendation at the bottom of this post. You don't need to sacrifice your garage, basement, or small space to get a good workout. Everyone needs a pull up bar. First off thanks so much for the great info. My Rogue wall mount rack is coming in, I don’t want to use wood and I can’t get my hands on a rogue stringer, but I can get a Titan stringer. From China. Folding Mechanism: Just like Rogue. However, a positive for Rogue is you have up/down ability in the hinge to accommodate garage slope, so its a nicer angle. That goes for all similar wall mounted squat racks. If I had it to do again, I’d just go all Rogue and be done with it as I prob spent way too much time trying to save a buck. Therefore it doesn’t entirely fit into this article, but I thought I’d mention it. About Economical and high quality. Since the fringe is 2.5” x 2.5”, would it be incompatible with the accessories from titan or rogue? They only have a single model, and no options. The “Viewing this product” ticker never goes lower than 25 or higher than 40. The Rogue folding rack with the 21.5″ depth is plenty for incline bench press. TACTICAL WEIGHTED VEST; … Terms and Conditions A hidden issue on these racks are safety spotter arms — dropping a loaded bar on them can rip the rack out of the stringers. Any preference if the prices are almost the same? Anyway, the Slim Rack might work even better than a folding rack for you, if you don’t mind being close to the wall and you don’t need a rack that folds tighter against the wall to be out of the way. After looking at the bolts mounting the rack to the stringer, they must be Rogue as they are silver and Titans bolts are all a gold tinge. My question is how much actual wall space will it take if you fold them both to one side ? I trust Rogue the most with having everything made right. Not so fast. I see what you mean with the extra room in the Rogue hinge to allow play to accommodate a slope, now that you mention it. It’s all the same. Fringe split the difference and did 2.5″ square tubing instead of 3″ square or 2″x3″. Making the Most of Power Racks and Squat Equipment. C $120.66 to C $249.78. David, do you think the Rogue stringers would be compatible with the Rep rack. I get it, your garage is TECHNICALLY for your car. I also wonder if they will ever have the X-3 folding racks again. Whether you are looking for a full power rack, a half rack, squat racks or stands, The Treadmill Factory has the right piece of fitness equipment for you. These are valuable for getting your J-cups or safety arms set at the right height. Also, just for information to others who attempt this, the rack folds somewhat on top of each other due to the extra 2″ in length on the Titan rack. Power racks are a great way to broaden the options with weight lifting. Men's 20KG Barbells; Women's 15KG Barbells; Specialty Barbells ; Lifting Accessories; Weights. The whole point is to save on space by folding it in as tightly as possible, and the 41″ folds up poorly, eating up tons of wall space or sticking out a couple feet if you fold both sides inward. You get free shipping to begin with, and then you can send it back within a year, on a whim, and get all your money back. Shopping Options. I’m set on getting Rogue Fitness but would like to know their newest model. I don’t know their hole sizing, for compatibility with other rack attachments, and whether it’s really 3×3 tubing or a ways off like Titan due to being made to mm sizing. If you’re 5ft tall, 21.5″ could be fine. It’s very practical in 2020 and I’m about to own my first house in August. Not Actually 2×3Titan’s racks are all measured in mm, not inches, and their 2×3 racks come in slightly smaller. That’s absolutely my concern – on paper it looks great, but it’d be nice to hear from someone who actually bought one, on a third-party site. One of the beauties of a rack is that it’s possible to use it while standing, squatting, or lying on a bench. … Adjustable Benches Folding Weight Table Multifunctional Bench Press Folding Squat Rack Home Fitness Equipment Benches (Color : Black, Size : 110 * 29.5 * 190cm) 3.2 out of 5 stars 19 Free-Weight Racks White Multifunctional Squat Rack Fitness Equipment Squat Rack Household Multifunctional Telescopic Barbell Rack Exercise Dumbbell Fitness Equipment Detachable Up … var minTime = 24; UHMW lined J-cups and feet. I bought mine from the boneyard, so it ended up being $114 shipped including the Infinity sockets. Save space by folding your squat rack against the wall - taking up only 4 inches when not in use! You get those two steel backplates. With a max capacity of 1,000lbs., it's strong enough for Olympic lifters and sturdy enough for swings, rings and anything else you wanna throw at it. Is the 21.5″ depth enough space to slide a bench to do incline chest presses? PR-01 SERIES; PR-02 SERIES; PR-03 SERIES; FOLDING RACK; HALF RACKS; SMITH MACHINE; Weight Lifting Bars. Battle Rope Anchor. Or their Monster Lite Matador will fit their 3″x3″. I think the new one is pretty much the same. Realistically, I have heard from someone who does rack pulls on the spotter arms on such a rack. Add Optional Attachments. var r = Math.floor(Math.random() * (max – min + 1)) + min; Very nice investigative work! Laser-Cut NumbersHere’s a good addition. Price: $109.99 Product Description: Yaheetech Pair of Adjustable Squat Rack Standard 44-70 Inch Solid Steel Squat Stands provide you with all the benefits of a full-size squat rack in less than half of the space. (Imagine the left side’s post rubbing the paint off the right side’s 41.5″ bar somewhere close to where the right side’s hinge point is, long before you’re able to swing the right side anywhere approaching a satisfactorily “closed” position.). But as discussed already, even up against the upright you’re away from the center of gravity of the rack and you’re putting some force on the wall attachments. $200.00 shipping. Rep’s rack is nearly an exact copy of Rogue’s. var plus = [’10’, ’20’, ’15’]; The 12-gauge 2.3″ square tubing is pretty light duty. The Folding Power Rack Is Perfect For Garage Gyms With Limited Space. As I recall, some manufacturer’s tend to prohibit them or limit their length to 6-12″ similar to squat stands. Ryan (That Tech Teacher on youtube) has a great video going over the parts and installation in his gym: A huge plus to Rogue’s folding rack is the $50 stringer option, above. Perfectly design a home gym specific to your space with the PRO Gym Builder. Basically, used this blog post as a reference guide as I looked at the options. So just quickly, I read that the Rogue stringer will fit the titan rack. Yaheetech Pair of Adjustable Squat Rack Standard 44-70 Inch Solid Steel Squat Stands. Wouldn’t the spacing on the Rogue Stringer where you mount the rack to the stringer be too narrow and create an angle when you open it up to connect the pull-up bar? The front face of the uprights are a mere 14″ from the wall. Full Power Racks 36 items; Half Racks & Smith … The folding design forces a tad bit of play in some joints, making it not feel as solid as a comparable 2″x3″ rack. Making the Most of Power Racks and Squat Equipment. Our patented squat racks easily fold up against your wall and take up only 4 inches of wall space when not in use. if ($(‘#visitor_counter_visitors’).length) { Happy New Year. Used on our High Squat Rack, the Ninja Cross provides multiple pull up grips – a traditional bar grip, ball grips, and rock climbing grips. Some adjustable benches have feet or wheels that will stick out too far behind you in the incline position, preventing you from getting your body position as far back as you need to. Crafted by BURLI in Portland, Oregon. Depth OptionsBoth the 2×3 and 3×3 version of the Rogue folding rack has either a 20.5″ deep or 40.5″ deep option that you select on the product page. Get at least the regular. Titan basically does low-cost Rogue imitations. This fold-in design is our space-saving answer for shorter ceilings. Any input or observations on whether the Rogue stringers would work with a Titan X-3? Best Seller in Strength Training Power Cages.

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