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Goldblatt & Acton (2000) state that in zonal marking, defenders are responsible for … Man-to-man marking, or man marking, is a defensive strategy where defenders are assigned a specific opposition player to mark rather than covering an area of the pitch.. Kjaer reveals his biggest strength as he discusses man marking vs. zonal marking under Pioli By Oliver Fisher - 23 October 2020, 10:02 AC Milan defender Simon Kjaer has revealed that he feels his biggest strength is man-marking and that he is not surprised at his own growth. The idea of man-to-man marking was perfected by the Italian teams of the 1960s and 1970s. What are the benefits of Man vs Zonal … Currently I play a flat back four and all of them are on Man Marking with Tight Marking ticked. Slade (2010) defines man-to-man marking as a defensive strategy in which every player is assigned to defend and follow the movements of a single opposition player. Join today. FM seems to associate Tight Marking with the more physical styles of play, so Italian Catenaccio, Mourinho-ball and old-fashioned English Kick n Rush. Zone defense is a type of defense, used in team sports, which is the alternative to man-to-man defense; instead of each player guarding a corresponding player on the other team, each defensive player is given an area (a zone) to cover.. A zone defense can be used in many sports where defensive players guard players on the other team. Related articles on Zonal Marking: Manchester United 1-2 Real Madrid: red card allows Real to take control Mar 2013; Valencia 0-5 Real Madrid: ruthless counter-attacking puts Real five up by half-time Jan 2013 "In zonal defending, you don't mark a man, you mark an area," said Hansen, winner of seven league championships. Zonal man-marking. Jon Obi Mikel’s role was particularly interesting. Lampard and Meireles would stay quite central, quite tight. ... Manchester United v Manchester City. Man-to-man marking. This variant was quite common in the past where each player was assigned a zone and marked the most dangerous player in that zone. More Football. Zonal Marking. Usually, in a 4-3-3 / 4-5-1, you’d expect the central player to be the deepest of the three midfielders (like Sergio Busquets, for example), but Mikel was often the man to move up the pitch and close down Xavi Hernandez. Zonal Marking’s Tactical View The Big Match Tactical View: Tottenham v Liverpool. Unfortunately, the aspect of marking remains a bit neglected in FM - so we can't really tinker with the various forms of man-oriented pressing, man-oriented zonal marking, ball-oriented pressing etc. For example, a left-back has his zone and if he has a winger in front of him then he will mark the winger. We’ve got one man left around the middle of the pitch on both, but the zonal marking system allows us to build a 3-4 man counter very quickly, while man marking gives us a possible 2-man counter attack. Compare our man marking image to our last season’s zonal marking one. For the fullbacks this helps prevent crosses and works great but my 2CBs are easily split by one pass, and Im wondering if I should change it. Teams such as Inter Milan and A.C. Milan used it in their so-called catenaccio system. But do you really know how to put a zonal marking plan into operation? Others blame it for every goal that's ever been conceded from a corner. Zonal Marking’s Tactical View. As you can see in the diagram above, Liverpool set up their defence for a corner with four players across the six yard box and a further four ahead of them. Some managers swear by it.

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