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The most common types of ternary compounds consist of a metallic cation (positive ion) and a polyatomic anion (negative ion). Activity 37-3. Worksheet 7 Nomenclature 3 Ionic Ternary Compounds Polyatomic ions The following is a partial list of polyatomic ions. It’s a one-liner replacement for if-then-else statement and used a lot in Java programming. A ternary salt is a compound containing three different elements. If you needed Table \(\PageIndex{1}\): Examples of Ternary Ionic Compounds \(\ce{NaNO_3}\) sodium nitrate \(\ce{NH_4Cl}\) ammonium chloride \(\ce{Fe(OH)_3}\) iron (III) hydroxide Some The subscript is put on the outside of the parenthesis to show aluminum nitrate … charge of zero. . - Or, they contain hydrogen in addition to a polyatomic ion. Step // -->