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WJK Promotions. Chad_Beswick@mcpsmd.org, Mr. Gregory Kellner - Teacher Staff Directory West Junior High School » Our School » Staff Directory 8371 W. Salt Creek Ct., Boise, ID 83709 | Phone 208-854-6450 | Fax 208-854-6451 | Attendance Line 208-854-6454 Korrin_E_Villman@mcpsmd.org, Mrs. Lori Spak - Teacher Resource Paige_J_Doyle@mcpsmd.org, Ms. Olga Talavera - Classroom Teacher High Kimberly_A_Venesky@mcpsmd.org, Ms. Cheryl Duke - Teacher Farah_Kinani@mcpsmd.org, Dr. Xuhua Liang - Teacher Follow this page on our website to obtain all forms necessary prior to enrolling your child in a Windthorst School. Leah_W_Reiter@mcpsmd.org, Ms. Iris Saucedo - Special Education Paraeducator JCTC Course Directory. William_J_MorrisIII@mcpsmd.org, Dr. Terri Ravick - Teacher Kelly_M_McDonnell@mcpsmd.org, Mr. Matthew Shipe - Security Assistant 10 mo Songtao_Shu@mcpsmd.org, Mr. James Grimes - Program Coordinator WJHS staff and students help those in need Photo courtesy of Winslow Junior High School Winslow Junior High School Principal Deb Lopez (left) presented Winslow BPOE Elk’s Lodge member Michelle Pennington (right) with a check for $247 last week. Jeanne_M_Pugh@mcpsmd.org, Mrs. Janelle Ryan - Teacher Resources. Audrey_L_Weissberg@mcpsmd.org, Mrs. Raquel Wood - Counselor Juana_J_BaquerizoPrada@mcpsmd.org, Ms. Heather Dodge - Counselor Aileen_Leung@mcpsmd.org, Dr. Joan McDermott - Teacher Theresa_R_Kaufman@mcpsmd.org, Ms. Celia Sandbloom - Teacher ESOL Celia_M_Sandbloom@mcpsmd.org, Mrs. Elaina VanCuran - Teacher Erin_K_Hall@mcpsmd.org, Miss Mary Lafratta - Teacher Janice_A_Cornell@mcpsmd.org, Ms. Elizabeth Cornell - Teacher Andrew_Kozlowsky@mcpsmd.org, Ms. Nicole McCarn - Teacher Mary_V_Goss@mcpsmd.org, Mrs. Elizabeth Griffiths - Paraeducator Fedor_Menchukov@mcpsmd.org, Mrs. Korrin Villman - Teacher Amy_VarySchwandes@mcpsmd.org, Ms. Michelle Tseng - Teacher Rositsa_A_Shtereva@mcpsmd.org, Ms. Jane Solomon - Teacher, Special Education WJJC INTERNATIONAL GROUP. Mona_P_Friedman@mcpsmd.org, Ms. Mary Goss - Teacher Terri_W_Ravick@mcpsmd.org, Mrs. Patricia Richards - Teacher Virginia_E_Howard@mcpsmd.org, Mrs. Gayle Evans - College/Career Coordinator Kimberly_A_Perikles@mcpsmd.org, Mr. Clay Proctor - Teacher Cheryl_D_Duke@mcpsmd.org, Mr. Jim Hanlon - Teacher High School State Assessments Update. WJHS STUDENTS. JCTC Course Directory 20-21.pdf. Leonard_J_Harris@mcpsmd.org, Mr. Sean Hemsley - Building Service Worker Shift 2 Edward_W_Lewis@mcpsmd.org, Mrs. Melanie MacFadden - Teacher School Directory; Translate. Jason_A_Alexander@mcpsmd.org, Mr. Clifford Avant - Teacher, Special Education Kimberly_Reif@mcpsmd.org, Mr. Timothy Rodman - Teacher Romella_S_Husain@mcpsmd.org, Mrs. Katja Lucks - Paraeducator Vernitta_Tucker@mcpsmd.org, Mr. Thomas Rogers - Athletic Director The first day of school for students is now August 26, 2020. Michele_E_Thoms@mcpsmd.org, Mrs. Rachel Zussman - Teacher Jamie_L_Reed@mcpsmd.org, Mr. Dennis Reynolds - Counselor 8136 South 2700 West | West Jordan, UT 84088 | Phone: 801-256-5600 | Fax: 801-256-565 3. Mahek_Pandya@mcpsmd.org, Mrs. Kimberly Perikles - Teacher Special Education Elizabeth_Byrd@mcpsmd.org, Mr. Richard Carter - Paraeducator Juana_I_CruzDeGiron@mcpsmd.org, Mr. Leonard Harris - Building Service Worker Shift 1 Susan_F_Bergeris@mcpsmd.org, Mr. Michael Bauer - Teacher 125 West Traube Westmont, IL 60559. Geraldine_A_Acquard@mcpsmd.org, Ms. Maria Cavallini - Program Coordinator Gayle_J_Evans@mcpsmd.org, Mrs. Lisa Sorensen - Resource Counselor Stephanie_D_Atwood@mcpsmd.org, Mrs. Li-ming Wang - Cafeteria Worker I Frederick_P_Delello@mcpsmd.org, Mr. Brandon Galuska - Teacher Kristine_E_Hrin@mcpsmd.org, Mr. Daniel Kempner - Teacher Raquel_C_Wood@mcpsmd.org, Mrs. Stephanie Atwood - Cafeteria Manager II Bullying, harassment, or intimidation will not be tolerated at Windthorst ISD. Mary_M_Lafratta@mcpsmd.org, Mr. Michael Laukaitis - Teacher Geraldine_A_Acquard@mcpsmd.org, Mr. Nicolas Atencio - Teacher Stephanie_N_Deonarain@mcpsmd.org, Mr. Nathan Diehl - Teacher We also support the local community at the same time! Nichole_A_Kellerman@mcpsmd.org, Ms. Prachin Krents - Teacher Natalie_M_Britton@mcpsmd.org, Mr. Shelton Neal - Building Service Manager VI Naomi_R_Gelfand@mcpsmd.org, Mrs. Elouise Kelly - Media Assistant 20-21 Master Schedule for Students. On December 8th 2020, the Johnston County School Board of Education voted to return to Plan C (Remote Learning), we would like to provide an update to parents and guardians of options to complete state-mandated End-of-Course (EOC) and Career/Technical Education Post Assessment testing. Resources. The way 2019 ended and the way 2020 has begun are unlike anything previously seen. Maria_G_Cavallini@mcpsmd.org, Mr. Mark Churchwell - Teacher Hannah_F_Wang@mcpsmd.org, Mr. Chad Beswick - Teacher View Website Send Email. WJHS Student Council. Brock_A_Eastman@mcpsmd.org, Mr. James Grimes - Teacher View Website Send Email. WJJC Kuwait. Dennis_P_Reynolds@mcpsmd.org, Mr. Cecil Thompson - Counselor Karen_A_Generose@mcpsmd.org, Ms. Farah Kinani - Teacher Cindy_B_Campos@mcpsmd.org, Mrs. Ajeenah Chavez - School Secretary II Mary_E_Gahl@mcpsmd.org, Mr. Jason Alexander - Paraeducator Christopher_Cochran@mcpsmd.org, Ms. Susan DeFord - Paraeducator Michael_T_Flanigan@mcpsmd.org, Ms. Karla Forest - Occupational Therapist Ajeenah_D_Chavez@mcpsmd.org, Ms. Nancy Chin - School Secretary I Amy_J_Vachon@mcpsmd.org, Mrs. Taraneh Azani - Teacher People Results 1-25 of 73 ... WJHS Head Choir Director. SchoolPointe login; MAP Testing Faculty Link; Infinite Campus; Online Check Stub; Aesop (Sub System) Library Media Center; Print Shop Orders; First 3 Days; WJHS Students . Patricia_E_Richards@mcpsmd.org, Mr. Stuart Safford - Teacher James_P_MulhernIII@mcpsmd.org, Ms. Clara Matos - Registrar Choe Tech. Amanda_V_McAndrew@mcpsmd.org, Ms. Ghania Mena - Teacher Ashley_J_Weddle@mcpsmd.org, Mrs. Audrey Weissberg - Counselor Jane_K_Solomon@mcpsmd.org, Mrs. Maegan Spiegler - Paraeducator Caroline_King@mcpsmd.org, Miss Kimberly Venesky - Teacher Suzanne_Matteson@mcpsmd.org, Mrs. Bernadette O'Boyle - Paraeducator | --Minority Scholars Program | --Senior Projects | SpecialEd Support Staff, Teacher/"The Pitch" & "The Windup" Sponsor, Mrs. Jennifer Baker - Principal The academic experience at WJHS is one of high expectations and 21st century learning. Sarah_J_Ducklow@mcpsmd.org, Mr. Michael Egan - Teacher SchoolPointe login; MAP Testing Faculty Link; Infinite Campus; Online Check Stub; Aesop (Sub System) Library Media Center; Print Shop Orders; First 3 Days; WJHS Students . 18 likes. Lisa_M_Sorensen@mcpsmd.org, Ms. Megan Adkins - Counselor Windthorst Junior High School has some new faces this year! Heather_L_Dodge@mcpsmd.org, Mrs. Laura Drummey - Counselor Use the "quick links" on the left side of the page to browse through what's available at WJ. Johnathan_A_Ballou@mcpsmd.org, Ms. Rosa Brioso Enamorado - Building Service Worker Sh 1 Jorge_P_Arias@mcpsmd.org, Mr. Johnathan Ballou - Bldng Svc Asst Mgr V Sh 2 Check out the Windthorst Independent School District Blog for all of the news and goings on at Windthorst… we call it our “Trojan Talk”! Paul_Engelhardt@mcpsmd.org, Mr. Adrian Harris - Teacher Erin_N_Besch@mcpsmd.org, Ms. Laura Brager - Teacher Gloria_E_Mendez@mcpsmd.org, Ms. Pacelli Nekam - Building Service Worker Sh 2 TEACHER. Carolina_G_Freitas@mcpsmd.org, Ms. Karen Generose - Teacher Karla_A_Forest@mcpsmd.org, Mrs. Mona Friedman - Paraeducator Bernadette_N_O'Boyle@mcpsmd.org, Ms. Emilia O'Connor - Teacher, Special Education James_M_Whalen@mcpsmd.org, Mr. Gladwin Worden - Teacher We have created a toolbox for students and their families to use to help navigate them through questions, procedures, and all things Virtual and Hybrid school related. Nathan_R_Diehl@mcpsmd.org, Mr. Brock Eastman - Teacher Theisen_H_Healey@mcpsmd.org, Mrs. Geraldine Acquard - Teacher Student Service Learning 240-740-6930 Health Srvcs-Y. Allison_Hoefling@mcpsmd.org, Mr. Larry Hurd Jr - Teacher George_W_Lavelle@mcpsmd.org, Mr. Thomas Martin - Teacher WJJF PMA ITALIA. Alexia_Chatfield@mcpsmd.org, Ms. Anne Cullen - Teacher Pauline_Bamdad@mcpsmd.org, Mrs. Cindy Campos - School Secretary I Ana_Lara@mcpsmd.org, Mrs. Gloria Mendez - Building Service Worker Shift 2 Marta_K_Toruno@mcpsmd.org, Ms. Ashley Weddle - Counselor Laura_L_Drummey@mcpsmd.org, Ms. Imani Ladson - Counselor Nancy_W_Chin@mcpsmd.org, Ms. Naomi Gelfand - Media Specialist Christopher_W_Merrill@mcpsmd.org, Ms. Elizabeth Muehl - Teacher Larry_A_HurdJr@mcpsmd.org, Mr. Mitchell Joy - Teacher Frances_N_Burnet@mcpsmd.org, Ms. Alexia Chatfield - Teacher Rachel_Y_Wills@mcpsmd.org, Mrs. Mary Gahl - Admin. | Health Svcs-KiNam Kim, Nurse | Academic Departments | --Academic Support Center | --Art | --Child Development | --Computer Science | --English | --ESOL | --Family/Consumer Sciences | --Mathematics | --Music | --Physical Education-Boys | --Physical Education-Girls | --Science | --Social Studies | --Technology Education | --World Languages | Special Programs | --ACES Scholars | --Advanced Placement | --APEX Reach Scholars | --Internships | --LEAD! Grace_C_Masonson@mcpsmd.org, Mr. Ian Matthews - Teacher Staff Directory. Jim_Hanlon@mcpsmd.org, Mrs. Amy Vachon - Resource Teacher -Mr. Allen - Band/Orchestra. (Grades 7 & 8) As stated in a previous letter, when the school goes remote for a few weeks (in this case through December 22nd) students will still be placed in Cohorts for their remote learning. Elizabeth_Muehl@mcpsmd.org, Mr. Oscar Ramos - Teacher Karen_O_Onley@mcpsmd.org, Mrs. Mahek Pandya - Teacher Kelly_J_Butler@mcpsmd.org, Ms. Andrea Morris - Teacher First Name: Last Name: Practice Student Scheduling Worksheet. Jin_W_Lee@mcpsmd.org, Miss Aileen Leung - Teacher WJHS Administration; WJHS Staff Directory; Guidance Office; Request to see Counselor; Customer Service Survey; Virtual Suggestion Box; Staff . BRUNT, JANET. Timothy_J_Rodman@mcpsmd.org, Mr. Nathan Schwartz - Teacher Tony_E_Carter@mcpsmd.org, Mrs. Bessie Abate - Building Service Worker Shift 1 615 Locust, Wilmette, IL 60091 | Phone (847) 512-6000 | Fax (847) 256-1920 Susan_DeFord@mcpsmd.org, Ms. Jean Doman - Paraeducator Connie_L_Pokress@mcpsmd.org, Mrs. Hyun Yoo - Child Development Teacher December 7, 2020 This letter is a follow up to the letter Mr. Thiboutot sent earlier today regarding the designation of RED for Winslow High School/Junior High. For helpful information and forms, please see our Human Resources page. Paula_Rocha@mcpsmd.org, Miss Blanca Torres - Building Service Worker Shift 1 Jeremy_M_Butler@mcpsmd.org, Ms. Mollie Carlin - Teacher West Jefferson High; WJHS Resources; Resources. WJHS was one Margaret_E_Cawood@mcpsmd.org, Mr. Inyong Choi - Teacher Kayla_P_Bernier@mcpsmd.org, Ms. Sarah Beverungen - Teacher Jessica_B_Thompson@mcpsmd.org, Mrs. Amy Walker-Casey - Speech Pathologist Nicole_J_Morgan@mcpsmd.org, Mrs. Regina Rodriguez - Assistant Principal Shelton_E_Neal@mcpsmd.org, Mr. Tony Carter - Plant Equipment Operator James_M_Grimes2@mcpsmd.org, Mrs. Gayle Evans - AP Coordinator Thomas_A_Martin@mcpsmd.org, Mr. Fedor Menchukov - Teacher Quotes are not sourced from all markets and may be delayed up to 20 minutes. Terri_L_Bullock@mcpsmd.org, Mrs. Margaret Cawood - Teacher Iris_R_Saucedo2@mcpsmd.org, Mrs. Iris Saucedo - Paraeducator Spec Ed Choe Tech. WJHS Show Choir - Harmony Gold. Ian_M_Matthews@mcpsmd.org, Mrs. Colleen McAdory - Teacher Oscar_Ramos@mcpsmd.org, Miss Kimberly Reif - Teacher Phyllis_A_O'Neill@mcpsmd.org, Mrs. Linda O'Reilly - Special Education Robert_Green@mcpsmd.org, Ms. Erin Hall - Teacher Tricia_M_Cooper@mcpsmd.org, Ms. Sarah Ducklow - Teacher Jennifer_L_Taylor@mcpsmd.org, Mr. Kevin Daney - Teacher ... “Above all, students … Winslow Junior High serves 7th-8th grade students and is part of Winslow Unified School District. Jean_F_Doman@mcpsmd.org, Ms. Kimberlyn Faulkner - Teacher Charles_C_Chatham@mcpsmd.org, Mr. Christopher Cochran - Teacher Our Principal. Clara_C_Matos@mcpsmd.org, Mr. Patrick Rooney - Security Team Leader We will overcome this craziness together, and celebrate our successes. Melanie_MacFadden@mcpsmd.org, Ms. Katherine Marek - English Composition Assistant Blanca_E_Torres@mcpsmd.org, Mrs. Kathleen Cosgrove - Business Administrator WJHS-FM plays a blend of indie music hand-picked from right here in Whitley County. Search Enter one or many search criteria to find a specific entry. We MUST have a physical copy of the negative test results before the student (or staff) can … Assistant Brandon_N_Galuska@mcpsmd.org, Mrs. Allison Hoefling - Teacher Collin_M_Fotia@mcpsmd.org, Mrs. Pauline Bamdad - School Secretary II Joshua E. Gould ... WJHS Twitter Feed. This section of the WJ Web is designed to help students find activities that interest them. Williamsville Junior High School Staff Member Pages. Quick Find. Jenelle_Peterson@mcpsmd.org, Mrs. Rachel Wills - Resource Teacher Clay_A_Proctor@mcpsmd.org, Mrs. Leah Reiter - Teacher 125 West Traube Westmont, IL 60559. Katherine_A_Simmons@mcpsmd.org, Ms. Neha Singhal - Teacher Iris_R_Saucedo@mcpsmd.org, Mrs. Rositsa Shtereva - Paraeducator Emilia_M_O'Connor@mcpsmd.org, Ms. Phyllis O'Neill - Paraeducator Name Links Email Address School(s) Grade and/or Department; Bates, Jamie: Webpage If you are a current student at WJHS, please complete the form at this link: Transcript Request Vision, Mission, and Core Values | Notice of Non-Discrimination Nathan_Schwartz@mcpsmd.org, Ms. Melanie Schwed - Teacher Keira_M_KinseyNahar@mcpsmd.org, Mr. James Heintze - Assistant Principal Pacelli_G_Nekam@mcpsmd.org, Ms. Paula Rocha - Building Service Worker Shift 2 Sean_A_Hemsley@mcpsmd.org, Mrs. Ana Lara - Building Service Worker Shift 1 to Ms. Baker | Assistant Principals | Athletic Director | Attendance Office | Building Services | Business Administration | --Financial Specialist | College & Career Center | Counseling Services | Food Services | Global Access | Main Office | Media Center | Media Services | Registrar | Security | Staff Development | Student Service Learning | Health Srvcs-Y. 355 Followers, 0 Following, 163 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from WJHS Student Council (@wjhs_studentco) Hyun_K_Yoo@mcpsmd.org, Mr. John Chase - Teacher Resource Michael_Egan@mcpsmd.org, Mr. Brian Fairall - Teacher Elouise_Kelly@mcpsmd.org, Mr. James Mulhern III - Media Services Technician WJHS Distance Learning Information. Katja_Lucks@mcpsmd.org, Mrs. Suzanne Matteson - Teacher, Special Education Thank you for allowing me to be your principal for another year. Kimberly_M_Mcgonigle@mcpsmd.org, Mrs. Jamie Reed - Counselor Kathleen_M_Cosgrove@mcpsmd.org, Mrs. Virginia Howard - Financial Specialist Thank you for allowing me to be your principal for another year. Tia_D_McKinnon@mcpsmd.org, ©1995-2021 Montgomery County Public Schools,850 Hungerford Drive, Rockville, Maryland 20850, This page is maintained by the Walter Johnson School's Web Team, Health Svcs-KiNam Kim, Nurse 240-740-6902. Marc_J_Waldman@mcpsmd.org, Mr. Andrew Won - Resource Teacher Linda_D_O'Reilly@mcpsmd.org, Mrs. Karen Onley - Teacher Our Staff & Faculty Directory is easy to use and allows for filtering by department, so feel free to view our Staff Directory here. If a student or staff member becomes symptomatic or tests positive during the holiday break, it is important that you call the school or Ms. Gilley to inform us. Staff. Kevin_M_Daney@mcpsmd.org, Mr. George Lavelle - Teacher Elizabeth_A_Griffiths@mcpsmd.org, Ms. Romella Husain - Teacher, Special Education Xuhua_L_Liang@mcpsmd.org, Miss Amanda McAndrew - Teacher Clifford_L_Avant@mcpsmd.org, Mrs. Xenia Barrabeitg Liens - Paraeducator Xenia_BarrabeitgLiens@mcpsmd.org, Mrs. Kayla Bernier - Teacher, Special Education Stuart_W_Safford@mcpsmd.org, Mr. Anthony Salatto - Teacher Sarah_A_Beverungen@mcpsmd.org, Ms. Sarah Bieber - Teacher 20-21 Master Schedule for Students. Our Staff & Faculty Directory is easy to use and allows for filtering by department, so feel free to view our Staff Directory here. Bully Report Form PE Gym Use Sign Up Parent Portal 2019-2020 School Supply List 2019-2020 School Calendar.

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