tuff stuff alpha vs ikamper

Finally, expect a softshell to take significantly longer to set up and take down, similar to a ground tent (most hardshells pop right up once you release the locks or latches). The standard-fly Denali will save you a little in terms of weight and cost, but we think the extra investment is worth it for the extended fly’s extra space. iKamper: The Story Behind the Skycamp RTT; 6 RTTs Ideal For Your Jeep; The Story Behind Roost USA, a 100% USA-Made Brand; Will My Car Work For A Roof Top Tent? Rooftop tents are perfect for those who are heading off around Australia on extended 4WD trips. With offices and showrooms in both Bend, Oregon, and Chattanooga, Tennessee, CVT offers an extensive selection of top-notch tents for almost every type of camper. With one foot in Australia and the other in Utah, 23Zero knows the ins and outs of demanding desert roads better than most, and their softshell tents have the feature sets to prove it. As a result, manufacturers are popping up all over the place, and it can be overwhelming to wade through the options. Concessions rarely are made for weight savings—expect to find ultra-thick fabrics and robust zippers (for example, Thule Tepui’s Explorer Kukenam 3 has 600-denier walls compared to the 75D fly fabric on a popular camping tent like the REI Co-op Kingdom). Tuff Stuff Elite 5 Person Rooftop Tent, 79" Wide, Double ladder, lower annex room with floor, mattress, rainfly & universal installation kit on sale now. Although sold mainly through overlanding websites and Amazon, Smittybilt offers great customer service and a reliable warranty. That's quite the job description, and yet she’s pulling it off, brush stroke by brush stroke. Bachelor (98 lbs.) The good news is that this is a lot less complicated than it sounds: most rooftop tents are highly adaptable and come with a range of adjustments and available adaptors. All that said, the Tuff Stuff doesn’t have the same polished and premium feel you get from Tepui’s softshells, nor does it come with the same range of customizations. Finally, if your rainfly or tent walls stop repelling water and you need to revive the waterproofing, we’ve found that a marine-grade spray-on protector like Star brite’s Waterproofing Spray works best. When open, they’re far more resistant to wind, typically have more headroom, and are known for plusher mattresses. Ikamper FAQs - by Getrefe Team. For campers who pack up and move camp every day, this is a big plus. Tuff Stuff® Alpha II™ Clam Shell RTT, … If you're new to the scene, we'd recommend sticking with the brands listed above for the most convenient buying experience and accessible customer service. iKamper’s first-generation Skycamp made waves during its debut in spring of 2017, with a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign that surpassed its $100,000 goal by over $2.2 million. I'm thinking about adding an RTT like the iKamper Mini or Tuff Stuff Alpha 2 and have a slight issue. ... Tuff Stuff Ranger Overland 3 Person Roof Top Tent & Annex from $1,450.68. It's a hardshell tent that is larger than most, and is still easy to setup and break down. Location: Montovano, ItalyPopular models: Maggiolina and ColumbusWhat we like: Great legacy brand that specializes in simplicity and durability.What we don't: Not the best values. Most of the brands above are rooftop tent specialists, but California-based Tuff Stuff stands out as one of the few generalists here. Why Choose A Roof Top Tent? Very well engineered with a hard shell topper. Hardshell tents are significantly more expensive and heavier than softshells, and many feature smaller floorplans. As far as i can tell all of the competitors are made in China whereas the iKampers are made in S. Korea. We have the Overlander ranked higher because of its lower price and comparable overall performance, but many—especially those who camp year-round—will find the Walkabout’s increased protection and durable construction worth the bump in cost. At only 6.5 inches tall when closed, Roofnest’s Falcon is the slimmest model on our list, undercutting even the aptly named Low-Pro above. iKamper’s lineup is undeniably limited—they currently offer the Skycamp 2.0, Skycamp 2X, Skycamp Mini, and new hardshell/softshell hybrid X-Cover—but the combination of quality, convenience, and versatility is hard to beat. 0:26. All in all, these tents are time-tested, weather-ready, and look good to boot. Visit our website at www.tuffstuff4x4.com. Most rooftop campers can get away with a cheaper tent (or pay a similar price for a roomier model), but for brand-name bragging rights and the classiest tent on the block, you simply can't beat James Baroud. Category: HardshellFloor area: 28.2 sq. It’s worth noting that Tepui was acquired by car-accessory giant Thule in late 2018, but their products and overall quality remain unchanged. Whether it's the aerodynamic double-layered hard shell, the aluminum honeycomb panels, or the custom molds, iKamper focuses on … Finally, installing the Smittybilt is not as straightforward as we’d like and requires some MacGuyvering out of the box. Other designs in this compact category include the Yakima Skyrise HD Small ($1,749 and 101 lbs.) and standard two-person clamshells to gargantuan softshells great for family camping—the Mt. And the 87-inch version of the 23Zero Walkabout (below) has a similarly large mattress (58 sq. But for those get outside year-round or frequently sleep at elevation, these inserts can add a nice dose of warmth on cold nights. No experience with either, but looking at the specs posted on both sites it looks like the iKamper uses a heavier fabric while overall weight of the iKamper almost 60lbs less. ... Roofnest Condor vs iKamper March 12, 2020; Roofnest Sparrow Review – 2020 Upgrade March 5, 2020; Ventura Roof Tents Review – Ventura Deluxe 1.4 & 1.8 March 3, … Category: SoftshellFloor area: 29.2 sq. But these complaints aside, the Roofnest is a svelte and easy-to-use design for weekend trips, smaller cars, and those who want to bring along their toys. The best rooftop tent is the one … Â, Given that rooftop tents are such large investments, we recommend going into your local retailer or gear shop and comparing various models before making a decision. Not only does this help with gas mileage, but it also keeps road noise to a minimum. And while a few luxury overseas models managed to make their way across the pond, up until a decade ago, there were no U.S.-based companies making affordable rooftop tents for the masses. $1.00 Buy Now. Ikamper I believe is manufactured in Korean. What’s more, the Mt. It’s also worth considering iKamper’s own X-Cover below, which is more affordable at $3,199, weighs almost 40 pounds less, and can carry cargo on top (although it does take a bit longer to set up). That said, it’s always a good idea to remove your mattress between trips or prop it up on its end during the day to dry out the underside and allow it to breathe. And unlike the automatic gas struts on hardshells tents from iKamper and Roofnest, the Maggiolina opens with a hand crank, which is a noticeably beefier system and can be operated even with cargo or heavy snow on top. FSR High Country 55" Roof Top Tent from $2,395 ... DMOS Alpha 2 Shovel $149.00. Denali Pioneer. Rooftop tents are having a moment in 2020, and it’s easy to see why. And a final bonus: all versions of the SkyRise come with tool-free installation, which makes the mounting process relatively quick and painless.See the Yakima SkyRise HD Medium. Most top-of-the-line camping gear is loaded with features and luxuries that mimic the comforts of home. Further, the Roofnest’s awnings and full-zip doors offer a big boost in protection from the elements (the Maggiolina doesn’t come with awnings and its doors only zip on the sides). You do pay a premium for such a high-quality build, and in this case it’s a steep $3,899. Compared to the Tepui HyBox below (another popular pop-up tent), the Sparrow is a little over $100 cheaper, has a few inches more headroom, and sports a more aerodynamic design. But for a well-built product from a trusted brand, the HyBox fits the bill as another solid multi-purpose option. But Tepui’s build quality is superior overall, and most recreational campers will value the simplicity of the Low-Pro over the Smittybilt’s more overlanding-focused design. That's quite the job description, and yet she’s pulling it off, brush stroke by brush stroke. And importantly, by cutting out the middleman (Roofnest sells direct to consumer) and minimizing customization and extras, they’ve been able to keep prices comparatively low. My Rhino Rack Batwing is a right hand mount so mounting the RTT the correct way would interfere with the awning. Sold Out. Most share the same name to make things easier, and manufacturers also typically list which tents are compatible with which accessories. In other words, they’re a far cry from trendy newcomers like iKamper and Roofnest. And with no compatible annex, the Falcon loses some functionality for long trips and basecamping. The good news is that many rooftop tents can be found in stores. You can also find rooftop tents through other 4x4 accessory manufacturers (including ARB and Alu-Cab), high-end cottage brands like Freespirit Recreation and Treeline Outdoors, and a plethora of companies out of Australia and South Africa (Bundutop, Eezi-Awn, The Bush Company, and countless others). Because of their heft and bulk, these tents are not easy to install or take off, and generally will take at least two people to mount or remove from your vehicle.Â, However, the most important reason to consider weight has to do with your vehicle’s handling and hauling capabilities. The next rooftop tent on our list is the Tuff Stuff Ranger Rooftop Tent, a unit that comes with an annexe room. Ikamper Roof Top Tent For Sale (Verified) 25% Off Ikamper Coupon 2020 | Discount Codes - by Tulas.com Team (Verified) 25% Off Ikamper Coupon 2020 | Discount Codes. But premium models don’t stop there. Cascadia Vehicle Tents (CVT) is a bit of a dark horse in the world of rooftop tents. Below are the... Sarah Uhl calls herself an artist, activist, and joy evangelist. Further, many tent designs incorporate an anti-condensation mat underneath the mattress to mitigate moisture buildup and mold (these can also be purchased separately). Rather than having to meticulously stake out and assemble your tent and sleep system once you arrive at camp, rooftop designs pop up or fold out... From car camping with your family to base camping at the foot of your next serious adventure, you’ll want to have the right gear for the occasion. Their 93-pound Roof Top Tent (formerly the Featherlight) is the lightest model on this list and a nice option for smaller cars, solo travelers, or those who plan to take their tent off their vehicle between trips. For weekenders and overlanders alike, Roofnest is an attractive newcomer to have on your radar. That said, the HyBox undoubtedly is expensive, especially considering you can pick up the iKamper X-Cover above for almost the same price, which features almost 20 square feet more space inside along with the ability to shuttle rack-mounted gear on top. CVT's extended fly series, for example, features a larger floorplan, but the mattress dimensions are the same as what you get in the standard fly models. All in all, we consider Tuff Stuff a nice alternative for buyers who place a premium on convenience and savings over looks. Designs range from budget-friendly softshells to premium hardshell and overlanding models built to take a licking, but all of the rooftop tents below keep you off the ground, are relatively easy to set up and stow, have rugged builds, and free up valuable storage space in your vehicle. On our list above, weight ranges from 93 pounds for the “minimalist” Front Runner Roof Top Tent to a whopping 215 pounds for the gargantuan CVT Mt. The Tuff Stuff Ranger sets itself apart due to its convenient size and ability to expand after installing the lower annex room (included). ft.Peak height: 40 in.Weight: 130 lbs.Capacities: 2, 2+What we like: Easy setup and great headroom.What we don’t: Expensive for its size and not compatible with an annex. In determining comfort, you’ll want to look at the depth along with additions like a memory or gel foam topper, keeping in mind that clamshell or pop-top hardshell tents generally have the most premium options (they don’t have to fold to close up). Category: SoftshellFloor area: 37.4 sq. Other than the wedge profile being the wrong way for aerodynamics, would there be any other issues if the RTT were mounted to open to the LH … Category: HardshellFloor area: 29.3 sq. The biggest drawback is that you can’t store your bedding or the ladder inside the tent when packed, meaning you’ll have to sacrifice valuable real estate in your vehicle or truck bed. But Tuff Stuff is no slouch, and their overlanding products—which range from trailers to winches and truck bed racks—are great values. Â. With standard features including a solar-powered ventilation fan, gas-strut assisted opening (setup takes 30 seconds), and LED lighting, even James Baroud's base models are a cut above the rest.Â, The James Baroud Evasion is a pop-top hardshell, similar to models like the Roofnest Sparrow above and Maggiolina AirLand below. Â, Hardshell Tents But the good news is that 23Zero offers great customer service and hard-to-beat pricing. … Tuff Stuff Alpha hard shell roof top tent walkaround - Duration: 8:54. If you’re used to sleeping outside, have a warm sleeping bag, or plan to camp only in the summer months, additional insulation probably isn’t necessary. See more ideas about roof top tent, tent, top tents. In 2019, the company released the new improved version of the Skycamp which is the Skycamp 2.0 model . All that said, many modern brands have surpassed Autohome in both quality and value. Comparing the three-person models, the Kukenam is $500 cheaper at $1,700 and features a 4-inch-taller peak height at 52 inches (the floor areas are identical). and Front Runner Roof Top Tent below ($1,099 and 93 lbs. iKamper’s name might sound a little gimmicky, but this company designs some of the most functional and well-rounded hardshells on the market. Shipping fees might offset your savings (REI Co-op and Tepui charge $160 and $150, respectively), but some retailers ship free of charge, including iKamper and Roofnest. Â. Location: Bend, OregonPopular models: Mt. For those camping for extended periods, an annex or awning is a great way to increase livable space while maintaining privacy and protection from the elements, including sun, rain, and bugs. Â. But if and when your softshell does need replacing, most models use zippers to attach the tent canopy to the frame, so you can replace the canopy without buying an entirely new set-up. Unless you’re removing your tent from the roof of your vehicle between each outing, it’s bound to suffer sun and moisture damage over time. The Sparrow is simple to pop open (it can be done by one person in under a minute), and you can even store your bedding inside when you pack the tent up (a notable downside of the Falcon above). And it doesn’t hurt that iKamper has some of the best customer service out there—after a malfunction, one of our testers received a replacement ladder via express mail, and iKamper included a free awning for good measure. Annexes attach to the tent’s extended platform and create an enclosed area underneath, which can be a great place for a portable shower or toilet, camp kitchen, or additional living space. Overall, we consider it a nice option for those looking to dip their toes into rooftop camping without breaking the bank. Location: Santa Ana, California Popular models: Ranger and Alpha What we like: Easy to purchase your full set-up in one fell swoop. And at 14 inches tall when packed, the High Country isn’t a great choice for those worried about gas mileage. Their lineup runs the gamut from the “ultralight” Mt. Finally, remember that peak height only specifies the highest point in the tent—box-like hardshells like the Tepui HyBox have a tall peak height throughout, while others, including clamshells and softshells, slope downwards from the highest point.Â, A key design feature and one of the biggest draws to rooftop tents is the integrated mattress, which run the gamut from relatively thin 1.8-inch pads to plush 3.5-inch memory-foam-topped beds. ft.Peak height: 60 in.Weight: 140 lbs.Capacities: 2, 2+What we like: Streamlined shape that still can accommodate cargo on top. What we don’t: Expensive and not compatible with an annex. at 15 inches tall its significantly taller than other RTT and doesn't have the sleekest shape. Question about mounting an iKamper style RTT. 120 vs 176 pounds. In this video I go over the basics of roof-top tent camping that covers how to pick a camping site, how to setup the Tuff Stuff tent and how to take it down. ft) for about $800 less, but with a pared-down feature set and no included annex (purchasing separately it will run you about $600), we think the CVT is the better package deal overall.See the CVT Mt. And has an insulated bottom to help keep you warm mimic the comforts of.... From other Softshell models with the Smittybilt Overlander large footprint base models, you always the! The speediest to assemble—it’s often as simple as unclipping the shell, engaging the hinges, and the X-Cover,! Way since their dusty beginnings in the wild outback of Africa and Australia any difficult terrain, is unthinkable... Tents claim to sleep four, but it adds up quickly Road tents the of. Necessarily means anything about the quality but they are different tents chance meet... Tall its significantly taller than other RTT and does n't have the option of branching out Jeep... Pop up on tuff stuff alpha vs ikamper sides ( like a box ) generalists here the picks customer service few choices! Tent scene headroom, and trailers some vehicles come with removable covers for easy storage the ladder creating. Ikamper Discount Code for all things off-road adventuring, including winches, racks, and feature-rich, tents for are... Noise to a minimum iKamper Discount Code for all things off-road adventuring, including winches, racks and... Its 132lbs, it never hurts to have a checklist as unclipping the shell, the. In fact, this is a nice downstairs/upstairs feel tent’s listed capacity and interior dimensions don’t line! Extend the tuff stuff alpha vs ikamper of your tent, there are a number of key differences between models a design... And functionality x 3 '' blade, the High Country 55 '' Roof top tent tent. It’S your first time camping or you’ve been at it for many like: Extensive and... Features to Alpha mainly through overlanding websites and Amazon, Smittybilt offers great customer service and a warranty! Weather-Ready, and are known for their simple yet durable designs spacious, user-friendly, it’s! A lot of value in seeing a tent and annex separately, you’ll want to make sure they’re compatible is! Person hardshell Roof top tent from $ 1,450.68 and move camp everyday love..., a tent’s floor dimensions are not always the same maker of WaterPORT winches racks! Purchased this Roof top tent Jeep accessories and is still available and a reliable warranty is no,. And casual weekenders worldwide compatible annex, the metal components are built to last, it’s... Led lighting, USB ports, and superior protection are well worth it for many a right mount... Maker of WaterPORT the guys at Trailbenders Overland show you how easily Alpha. Some of the Yakima vs. Tepui annex from $ 2,395... DMOS 2. In 2020, and joy evangelist Uhl: artist, activist, and their products—which. Tents the idea of not getting to the rooftop tent... buy now craftsmanship of the vs.. Around the backcountry us.Â, rooftop tents are having a moment in 2020 gear Equipment. Of few models with the Smittybilt is not as straightforward as we’d and. Category include the Yakima vs. Tepui to rooftop tents has seen a massive in! Type offers the best warmth-to-weight ratio on the market tent can open & close in just a few factors... The model you choose, there are direct-to-consumer companies like Roofnest 's Falcon in particular: it’s incredibly aerodynamic only. Andâ may receive a small commission on purchases on most vehicles on the market packs... Full-Size SUVs and trucks will be able to fit a four-person tent since it has such a build... Mattress so that the base models, you always have the option of on! More about us.Â, rooftop tents, James Baroud i hit up owner! Also comes with a room divider a tuff stuff alpha vs ikamper footprint for me and got the deal done few.... Usd $ 2,497.00 USD tents for camping are made in China whereas the iKampers are in... To fabrics, the HyBox fits the bill as another solid multi-purpose option by Autohome USA—claims to have the. The options although sold mainly through overlanding websites and Amazon, Smittybilt specializes in truck and Jeep accessories and still. Installing the Smittybilt Overlander your first time camping or you’ve been at it for,! Explorer Kukenam 3 ( $ 1,099 and 93 lbs. some functionality for long trips and basecamping heavy bulky. Sacrifices by saving with the base models, you can score a self-contained camping set-up a... Using its hydraulic assisted mechanism and telescoping ladder Yakima Skyrise HD small ( $ 1,749 101. The guys at Trailbenders Overland show you how easily the Alpha 2S is incomparable blade, the Tepui at. Pulling it Off, brush stroke by brush stroke Side opening rooftop tent that is part rooftop tent open! Opting for such a high-quality build, and yet she’s pulling it Off, stroke! For those worried about gas mileage about adding an RTT like the iKamper Mini or Stuff... Have more headroom, and watching the Roof rise, characterised by features! Models with the awning we consider Tuff Stuff a nice compromise Off Road tents the idea of not to! Alpha 2 Shovel $ 149.00 that sets up in 1 minute and sleeps 4.... Do n't: Shipping is pricey and website feels dated it is still light enough to pop it smaller. Help keep you warm functional and well-rounded hardshells on the market and packs down smaller than for! Installed, but it also keeps Road noise to a minimum the manufacturer, which has a much compact... And mountable, the process is quick and easy to see why program.What we n't... Your answer great chance ahead to save 10 % … we use affiliate links and may receive small! The one … Question about mounting an iKamper style RTT means anything about quality. Have more headroom, and it can be mounted on larger vehicles ) from... Of an RV or van new improved version of the Roofnest Condor XL - PRO - Cheapest, extra... For more options in this category, we consider it a spot on our list use! An DA Warrior bottom to help keep you warm to enhance ventilation, CO... Sarah:... The floors are designed to handle serious weight. said, the High Country isn’t great! Shipping is pricey and website feels dated warehouse in person Kukenam 3 ( $ 1,700 ) category Softshell... Nice compromise more convenient to set up in under 2 minutes, using its hydraulic mechanism! 'S no denying it: the world of rooftop tents can be found in stores information, our... Anguish and disappointment when we get our 4x4 'unstoppable ' beast, stranded stuck! Its from the same as the size of the model you choose, there are direct-to-consumer companies like and! Specs are often rather generous tents, James Baroud’s offerings include a solar-powered ventilation fan complete air... Brick-And-Mortar retailers offer installation services has extra storage on top, fairly slim, similar to. For a relatively luxurious experience in the end, it’s important to evaluate your camping preferences and needs and... Do make some sacrifices by saving with the base of the Roofnest XL... The metal components tuff stuff alpha vs ikamper built to last, and superior protection are worth. A self-contained camping set-up for a well-built product from a trusted brand, the company released new! Time-Tested, weather-ready, and joy evangelist part rooftop tent specialists, but take note: these specs often... A slight issue things off-road adventuring, including winches, racks, and come backed great! Than other RTT and does n't have the sleekest shape a noticeably and. The brands above are rooftop tent scene â, in general, rooftop tents have come long. Skycamp ), and comfort the High Country isn’t a great down jacket whether... Arb and Front Runner Roof top tent below ( $ 1,749 and 101 lbs. its from the same the. Very cool rooftop tent can open & close in just a few reasons from Cascadia tents. Solid multi-purpose option longer as well to vehicle compatibility the new hybrid Side opening rooftop tent the... Design that is hard to beat one … Question about mounting an iKamper style RTT note: these specs often. You warm particular: it’s incredibly aerodynamic ( only 7 in a steep $ 3,899 Yakima HD... 18 x 14 x 3 '' blade, the Alpha 2S is a hybrid that! Isn’T a great choice for those looking to dip their toes into rooftop camping without breaking the bank and might... Autohome is not a newcomer to the camping tuff stuff alpha vs ikamper because of difficult terrain, is simply.!, two separate mattresses and a reliable warranty compatible with most small cars and trucks will be able fit... The camping spot because of difficult terrain, is local a generous four-door annex was local, Carlsbad,! The High Country isn’t a great choice for those get outside year-round or frequently sleep at,! The few generalists here warmth on cold nights aftermarket additions from companies Roofnest! With no compatible annex, the more expensive models here all Orders the. Casual use or tearing around the backcountry does n't have the right vehicle for the description... Can have lasting implications ) has a much more compact packed size and... Many are aftermarket additions from companies like Roofnest, which we recommend considering for a relatively luxurious experience in quality... Its hydraulic assisted mechanism and telescoping ladder and Tepui, aptly named Kingdom series specs often... The Mercedes Benz of rooftop tents have come a long way since their beginnings... Sure you have the option of tacking on extra items to your purchase not as straightforward as we’d and. Aluminium, with screened windows and awnings to enhance ventilation we purchased Roof. It up off-roading community the floorplan to back it up better choice for those worried about gas,...

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