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Jeanne develops a romantic interest in Seifriet Weiße, but his reaction is one of puzzlement and disdain. Louis Ducasse (ルーイ・デュカス, Rūi Dyukasu?) [Zor Prime] (Yoshikazu Hirano): A human pilot who was captured and brainwashed by the Zor to become a pilot in their Bioroid forces and later an informant. The Zor have a symbiotic relationship with a flower native to Glorie referred to as the Protozor which like them exist in trinities. The powerful army of the Southern Cross protects the colonists from any unknown dangers. Season 1. Each member is responsible for one of three functions: information, decision and action. Games Movies TV Video. Wikis. Chōjikū Kidan Sazan Kurosu They operate in groups of three. sr:Супердимензионална коњица: Јужни крст are a race who serve as the antagonists for the Southern Cross army. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. You can help this wiki by expanding or clarifying the information given. 1.3K likes. Biohumans are abducted personnel from the armies of the Southern Cross and Liberté forces who are brainwashed and forced to pilot the Bio-engineered mecha created by Zor supreme commanders. A war of attrition erupts, taking mankind across the solar system and beyond in a fight to justify its existence ! The unit is capable of identifying personnel and recording evidence in investigations. The Zor were the former inhabitants of the planet Glorie but had to evacuate due to an apocalyptic war. Like Mary, she is the polar opposite of Jeanne, taking her duties very seriously and allowing for no compromises regarding protocol and regulations. L'astronave aliena fu costretta all'atterraggio, apparentemente a causa dei danni subiti nel corso della prima battaglia. ), Dera (デラ, Dera?) S1:E 20 Episode 20. As whole they present a powerful threat but if one member is lost to the group then they lose their stability and become unable to function. During the time of the conflict many variations of the Bioroid were implemented by the Zor in order to adapt to the ever-changing battle conditions experienced on the field. In the year 2120 (When our story takes place) Glorie is now a self sufficient planet in terms of food and resources. Poiché era ignoto come si fosse svolto l'incidente della base Aluce, il generale Rolf di Gloire proibì che venisse aperto il fuoco contro l'astronave Zor. Al termine del nono episodio, l'astronave Zor decollò e tornò nello spazio, mentre uno dei migliori piloti di Bioroidi, Saifrit, venne appositamente abbattuto dagli Zor affinché divenisse una spia tra gli umani di Gloire. A partire dal decimo episodio, le battaglie si svolsero nello spazio, pertanto Jeanne e la 15ª Squadra non furono coinvolte. The 15th Squad sneaks Musica past the GMP by dressing her as a soldier. Promotional art showing Jeanne Fránçaix's ATAC-01-SCA Spartas mecha (left) and Seifriet Weiße's red Zor Bioroid (right). Relay stations have been established at Mars and Jupiter, and as a result the planet "Liberté" located in the Proxima solar system was colonized. Wiki. But as the story progresses, she is revealed to be even more of a romantic than Jeanne. The new Robot mode was specifically designed to deal with the Zor Bioroid threat. Jeanne e la 15ª Squadra riuscirono a fare incursione nella nave ammiraglia degli Zor. As whole they present a powerf… genre For the second Robotech series adapted from it, see, Promotional art showing Jeanne Fránçaix's ATAC-01-SCA. Despite her tough exterior she still has deep feelings and begins a rocky relationship with Charles de Etouard. Talk:Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross. Garm: The Southern Cross Glorie Military Police uses this mecha fielded exclusively for it. Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross This 1984 science fiction robotic mecha series followed Super Dimension Fortress Macross (1982–1983) created by Studio Nue with Artland and produced by Tatsunoko, and Super Dimension Century Orguss (1983–1984), also created by Studio Nue with Artland and produced by Tokyo Movie Shinsha. [1] Unlike the other two series, The Southern Cross was created and produced almost entirely by Tatsunoko with mechanical designs by its sister studio Ammonite. Mary Angel (マリー・アンジェル, Marī Anjeru?) The next planet, Glorie, was discovered in the Epsilon Eridani system. Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross - Wikipedia.htm In this form, it is frequently referred to as Robotech Masters (as it was titled in the comic book adaptation released by Comico). language of work or name. A megalomaniac determined on wiping out the Zor at any cost, he begins to take extreme measures to ensure victory. YMMV. [Eli Anatole Leonard] (Daisuke Gōri): The supreme general of the Southern Cross. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? don't forget this amazing anime from the golden age of Japanese animation! In short the Bioroids are actually "alive" with the pilots acting as their "brains". He has served longer than anyone else in the 15th Squad, but his conventional mindset is sometimes at odds with his new female leader, Jeanne Fránçaix. Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, Articles with invalid date parameter in template, Wikipedia articles needing copy edit from June 2010, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Articles with trivia sections from June 2010, Articles with unsourced statements from May 2007, Anime distributed by Madman Entertainment, Robotech: Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles,, Mecha Designers: Ammonite (Hiroshi Ogawa, Hirotoshi Okura & Takashi Ono). In the Southern Cross, each unit has a specialized vehicle for combat campaigns. The government of Glorie is independent from that of Liberté but is an ally to that planet. Gli Zor si stavano indebolendo, ma erano decisi a compiere ogni sacrificio pur di raggiungere i fiori di luce. [Bowie Grant] (Arihiro Hase): Bowie is a private first class assigned to the 15th Squad at the age of 16. Musica (ムジカ, Mujika? Media: Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross ( 超時空騎団サザンクロス, Chō Jikū Kidan Sazan Kurosu) is an anime TV series released in 1984, as the third of the Super Dimension series. This Trivia template is broken because it uses the broken Ambox template.Use of Template:Ambox is broken, because Module:Message box is broken. The tactical advantage of the alien forces serves the Zor in two ways. Sylphide: The Sylphide is a fighter used by the Tactics Air Force. drama anime and manga. The Zor (ゾル, Zoru?) Star Soldier Wiki. It was canceled early on and forced to end at 23 episodes from the original 39. Charles is a constant womanizer who eventually winds up falling for Marie. Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross narra della guerra tra la colonia umana sul pianeta Gloire e gli alieni Zor provenienti dallo spazio. One of the farthest colonies is located in the terraformed planet Glorie. zh:宇宙再生人, This article is about the original Japanese animated series. It inspired an OVA sequel series called Orguss 02. La 15ª squadra tornò a bordo dell'ammiraglia Zor, dove le trattative fallirono e la battaglia riprese. But instead of breaking down mentally, he decides to take revenge on the Zor for their violation of his mind. A quiet individual until a mecha-related issue comes up. genre. It was adapted as the "Second Generation" of the American TV series Robotech. mecha. Andrzej Sławski (アンジェイ・スラウスキー, Anjei Surausukī?) Play S1 | E20. 1 reference. [Dana Sterling] (Michie Tomizawa): At 17 years of age Jeanne finds herself the leader of the 15th Squad in the Southern Cross' Alpha Tactics Armored Corps (ATACs). Models differ depending on the rank of the individual. The arms have reinforced armor to assist in parrying attacks. Their advances in biotechnology surpass that of humanity, and the weapons they employ called "Bioroids" serve as a formidable enemy to the units of the Southern Cross. Le armi principali usate nel corso della battaglia erano dei robot androidi di grosse dimensioni (da cui il titolo "Super Dimensional Cavalry") pilotati al loro interno da esseri umani, bio-umani o Zor. In the beginning of the series, Lana appears to be colder and less personable than Marie. Anche Gloire sviluppò nuove armi: gli Spartas usati dalla 15ª squadra e dalle altre forze di terra vennero adattati per il combattimento nello spazio e potenziati. Gli Zor risposero con un violento contrattacco. The powerful army of the Southern Cross protects the colonists from any unknown dangers. Southern Cross was the least successful of the Super Dimension banner and was actually cancelled due to low ratings, forcing the scriptwriters to hastily conclude the series. The planet has an elliptical orbit around the sun with a cycle of 73 years. [1] The series lasted for 23 episodes. Robotech: Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross. Her frequent disregard for protocol, orders, and regulations continually lands her in solitary confinement, often placed there by Lt. Lana Isavia. Text 1 Premise 2 Episodes 3 Production 4 Notes on the Setting 5 Sources In 2120far future, humanity has left the Solar System and started the colonization of other planets. 3:45. merry christmas to you (1957) Capitol Records classic - Duration: 32:12. La serie mandata in onda negli Stati Uniti e in Italia negli anni ottanta come parte della trilogia di Robotech aveva titoli differenti. Super Dimension Century Orguss is an anime science fiction series. All The Tropes Wiki. Edit. Statements. His tactical maneuvers during battles in the war with the Zor are seen as innovative and ingenious. ja_romaji Use of Template:Ambox is broken, because Module:Message box is broken. [Louie Nichols] (Issei Futamata): The resident mechanics expert and in-house genius. Each suit is equipped to serve different functions and can be altered depending on the mission requirements and needs of each division and rank. Questa pagina è stata modificata per l'ultima volta il 23 giu 2020 alle 02:15. It has the capability to transform into three different modes: Fighter (Crusader), Heavy Combat Helicopter (Cross Fighter), and Robot (Cosmo Sniper). Jeanne Fránçaix (ジャンヌ・フランセーズ, Jan'nu Furansēzu?) Among them are: ATAC-01-SCA Spartas: One-manned transformable hover vehicle used exclusively by the Alpha Tactics Armored Corps. A 1984 anime produced by Tatsunoko Production, Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross is perhaps best recognized these days as the second part of the Robotech trilogy. 1 Metamorphosis (manga) 2 Taimanin Asagi; 3 Kuroinu Kedakaki Seijo wa Hakudaku ni Somaru/Characters; Explore Wikis Dynasty Wiki. Due to his father's influence he was pressured to join the military even though he is a pacifist more interested in composing music rather than fighting. Some variants of the arming doublet also have the ability to serve as self-sealed spacesuits. Chou Super Robot Wars Æ (超 ちょう スーパーロボット 大 たい 戦 せん Æ アッシュ, Chō Supā Robotto Taisen Æ Asshu?, Ultra Super Robot Wars AE) is a crossover mecha tactical role-playing/fighting game co-developed by Banpresto and Monolith Soft and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment for the Nintendo Switch. 0 references. The units are divided among the land/sea forces and the aerospace force. Il comandante Jeanne (protagonista della serie) sosteneva invece che i piloti dei Bioroidi avversari fossero proprio esseri umani modificati, chiamati Bio-umani, e che i veri Zor rimanessero all'interno della loro astronave, al riparo delle battaglie. Characteristically, the Zor are human in appearance, tall and slender with violet eyes, silvery hair and pale skin. The world of Glorie was founded by the human race in an effort to find new worlds for humanity because the Earth had become uninhabitable as a result of a catastrophic nuclear holocaust. This page needs a better description. Category:Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross | All The Tropes Wiki | Fandom. Italian Wikipedia. Chōjikū kidan Southern Cross (超時空騎団サザンクロス, Chōjikū kidan Sazan Kurosu) è un anime televisivo di 23 episodi giapponese del 1984. Its systems has access to the military legal code to assist in determining if the law has been broken. Let's Go Luna! imported from Wikimedia project. Lana Isavia (ラーナ・イザビア, Rāna Izabia?) However, unbeknownst to the humans, Glorie is also the ancestral home of the Zor, a highly advanced race of nomadic humanoid aliens who have returned to reclaim their world. Register Start a Wiki. Gli Zor proposero uno scambio: il generale Rolf e altri prigionieri in cambio di Saifrit e Musica. Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross Opening Theme - Duration: 3:45. 0 references. (Hirotaka Suzuoki): The leaders of the Zor. However, the basic stories are unrelated. YMMV • Radar • Quotes • (Funny • Heartwarming • Awesome) • Fridge • Characters • Fanfic Recs • Nightmare Fuel • Shout Out • Plot • Tear Jerker • … History Talk (0) Share. Fortunately she always manages to be let out when needed. Mary leads her own unit within the Tactics Armored Space Corps, for which she is also an ace. Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross. Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross was an anime adapted into Robotech: The Masters as part of the Robotech series. Their advances in biotechnology surpass that of humanity, and the weapons they employ called "Bioroids" serve as a formidable enemy to the units of the Southern Cross. Rolf Emerson (Makoto Terada): Father of Bowie Emerson, and part-time guardian of Jeanne. This increases the response promptness making the Bioroids movements infinitely more agile that those of the Southern Cross Mechas. She slowly develops feelings for TASC pilot R. Brown, and they later become romantically involved. Produced by Harmony Gold USA, Inc. in association with Tatsunoko Productions Co. Ltd., Robotech is a story adapted with edited content and revised dialogue from the animation of three different mecha anime series: The Super Dimension Fortress Macross from 1982, Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross from 1984, and Genesis Climber Mospeada from 1983. The Spartas has the ability to transform into 3 modes: Hover (Sniping Clapper), GERWALK (Walking Cannon), and Robot (Battle Sniper). His policies are heavily criticized by General Emerson. Most of the animation of The Southern Cross (with edited content and revised dialogue) was adapted outside Japan for the second part of Robotech, following The Macross Saga, and preceding The New Generation. don't forget this amazing anime from the golden age of Japanese animation! Venne svelato il segreto degli Zor: erano tornati sui Gloire, il loro pianeta natale, perché per sopravvivere necessitavano la bio-energia dei cosiddetti fiori di luce nascosti nelle rovine. Every soldier of the Southern Cross Army is issued a personal combat suit known as an "arming doublet". Fan Feed More All The Tropes Wiki. The Zor(ゾル, Zoru? His human mind begins to conflict with his Zor brainwashing, and he is nearly driven insane. [1] The three titles share some of the same creators, and Macross is referenced by character cameos and inside references by the latter two series. the entire wiki with photos and video History top lists Celebrities Featured Videos History by Country Greatest Museums Wars and Battles Crown Jewels Greatest Cities Recovered Treasures British Monarchs Wonders of Nature Orders and Medals Rare Coins Kings of … [Sean Phillips] (Bin Shimada): At the age of 23 Charles was the former commander of the 15th Squad until a romantic indiscretion had him demoted to private. In 2005, ADV Films announced they had sub-licensed the original Macrossfrom Harmony Gold and were going to do an uncut dub of the series. The Zor were the former inhabitants of the planet Glorie but had to evacuate due to an apocalyptic war. Bowie Emerson (ボウイ・エマーソン, Bōi Emāson?) Nel frattempo, gli Zor ricevevano informazioni dall'ignaro Seifret riguardo agli umani di Gloire e alle loro strategie di guerra. When long-dormant systems aboard the Macross suddenly fire upon the alien fleet, the ship meant to preserve humanity may become its undoing. The mecha has two modes: Fighter (Flying Cat) mode for high speed flying combat and GERWALK (Flying Walker) mode suited for near ground assaults. Saifrit invece, trasportato dal risentimento, uccise i capi alieni, e l'astronave fuori controllo precipitò sulle rovine Zor. 156,920 Pages. This fighter can also be distinguished by a center tail as well as vertical surfaces mounted in the middle of each wing. anime television series. [Musica, Allegra, Octavia] (Noriko Hidaka): The triplet sirens whose music inspire the Zor people. A 1984 anime produced by Tatsunoko Productions, Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross is perhaps best recognized these days as having been adapted into the second part of the Robotech trilogy. Sixty percent of the planet surface area is land and in the winter, fifty percent of that land is covered with glaciers. Thanks to extensive military terraforming, Glorie was successfully turned into a suitable planet for terrestrial life. R. Brown (ブラウン, Buraun?) Her rivalry with Jeanne can be viewed as a subtle game of "cat and mouse". Tornati su Gloire, Saifrit rivelò un profondo odio verso gli Zor, che lo spinse a tradire Musica per farla consegnare alle autorità. The Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross (超時空騎団サザンクロス, Chō Jikū Kidan Sazan Kurosu) is a Japanese science fiction mecha anime TV series released in 1984, as the third of the Super Dimension series. Gli Zor, inoltre, svilupparono un nuovo tipo di bioroide, chiamato Bio-Psycher, i cui piloti sarebbero stati proprio Zor invece che bio-umani. The most impressive feature of Bioroid technology is the ability to convey the thoughts of the operator directly to the mecha. Japan. adventure anime and manga. Lana is impressed with Brown's sense of integrity, optimism, and duty, and she develops a crush on him. Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross was the least successful of the Super Dimension Trilogy shows. She and Bowie quickly fall in love, and then flee into the woods to escape capture by Lana. "Hoshi no Deja Vu" (星のデ・ジャブー, Hoshi no De Jabū?, Stellar Deja Vu) Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. I titoli italiani riportati in tabella sono la traduzione letterale di tali titoli giapponesi in inglese. There are also military police and security forces which are independent, but directly affiliated with Supreme General Headquarters. They operate in groups of three. He is the primary critic of General Leon, but stops short of disobeying orders. AD 2120 anni, le forze armate del pianeta Gloire si trovavano in stato di allerta a causa dell'improvvisa cessazione di ogni contatto con la base sulla luna Aluce. The Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross. Musica begins doubting her people's ways, and after meeting Bowie, defects to Glorie and escapes the mothership. Poco tempo dopo, una nave aliena, identificata come appartenente agli Zor, distrusse i satelliti artificiali di Gloire. ja_kanji Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross (超時空騎団サザンクロス, Chōjikū Kidan Sazan Kurosu?) and Demi (デミ, Demi?) Orguss was the second part of The Super Dimension trilogy from Big West, preceded by The Super Dimension Fortress Macross and followed by The Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross. TASC-02-SCF Logan: Transformable aerial assault mecha used exclusively by the Tactics Armored Space Corps. Add new page. Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross (超時空騎団サザンクロス, Chōjikū Kidan Sazan Kurosu? I titoli originali giapponesi sono in realtà in inglese, ma scritti con kanji giapponesi. 超時空騎団サザンクロス This Copy edit template is broken because it uses the broken Ambox template.Use of Template:Ambox is broken, because Module:Message box is broken. At 19, Lana is the youngest military police officer on Glorie, and one of the highest ranking. Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross As a capable leader, Mary is often the one to snap Jeanne out of her periodic episodes of shock or indecision, usually with a harsh slap to the face. Cy MPPA 24,460 views. A native from the planet Liberté, Jeanne sometimes has a tendency to follow her heart and act rashly, much to the chagrin of her superiors, who consider her to be an embarrassment to the army, believing that she doesn't take her duty seriously. [Angelo Dante] (Yūichi Meguro): The sergeant of the 15th Squad who occasionally acts as its leader in the absence of a superior officer. While at the headquarters, Musica sings an old song about a flower from the Zor civilization. country of origin. Stats fort the various mecha, vehicles, ships, etc from the series Super Dimensional Cavalry Southern Cross. Claude Leon (クロード・レオン, Kurōdo Reon?) television series. L'ordine viene contravvenuto da un ufficiale sul campo, che lanciò un attacco a base di artiglieria contro l'astronave aliena. Successivamente, Gloire forzò il blocco degli Zor e stabilì un avamposto sulla luna Aluce, in modo da poter attaccare gli Zor su due fronti. Nacquero invece storie d'amore che coinvolgevano le tre protagoniste femminili: Jeanne passò molto tempo con Saifrit, Marie si innamorò dell'ex-ufficiale Charles, Lana si innamorò del luogotenente Brown. Vocals: Yoko Katori[1]. Nel decimo episodio, Gloire ricevette rinforzi da Liberté, ma questi vennero decimati ancor prima di atterrare sul Gloire in una battaglia spaziale contro gli Zor. Her military training eventually conflicts with her passionate emotions, and she is forced to choose between her duty to the Southern Cross, and her friendship with the 15th Squad. The purpose of the suit not only acts as protective armor but also improves combat performance. Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross. 0 references. Headquarters are located on every major city. Similar to planetary scale and atmospheric conditions to Earth, Glorie still had an unexpectedly harsh natural environment. TASC-02-SCF Auroran: The Auroran was a late development during the war that was constructed to replace the Logan. Vennero catturati ma riuscirono a liberarsi e a fuggire assieme a Musica.

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